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Silly Sound Board App, Just…Shakeaker

The Shakeaker sound board app for the iPhone is a modern marvel of design. This subtly simplistic iPhone sound board app delivers 100+ sound effects for you to shake at just the right moment when you’re looking to prank someone, get a quick laugh or just simply amuse yourself. The developers at Nedis created a very basic sound board app that is so uncomplicated that even your Grandmother could use it. When you open the app, you’ll see a black virtual speaker with a large silver play button at the bottom. Tap on the play button and your iPhone explodes — No, just kidding, I’m checking to see if you’re still reading. Tap on the silver play button (for real) and a slide wheel opens with 100+ alphabetized sounds effects to choose from. Select your sound and start Shakeakering!


The sounds range from the obnoxious to funny like: Fart Gross Juicy, Drum Roll, Cuckoo, Classic Alarm, Crowd Booing, Crowd Cheering, Referee Whistle, Pistol Shot, Machine Gun, Baby Saying Bye Bye, and many others to suit your purposes. I’m sure that there are plenty of devious-minded pranksters out there who can put this sound board app to good use. Personally, I prefer to use the fart sounds to horrify my 3 teen daughters, as well as Mrs. CrazyMike, because they don’t care much for these sounds — which is exactly why I do it. There are punches to throw, glass to break, and a plethora of interesting sounds to explore using the Shakeaker sound board app. Next time you’re at a party “break the ice” with this silly sound board app, which could be the perfect conversation starter. Shakeaker has found a home on my iPhone due to the crisp sounds and the ease of use it provides, which allows me to quickly put these 100+ sounds to use when I need them.

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