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I think I would like to work with the folks at Adult Swim because their games are consistently whacky, crazy and have just the right amount of sarcastic humor. Bring Me Sandwiches!! is yet another whacky iPhone game by Adult Swim that simply provides lots of stupid and silly fun. Picture yourself as a red head, pimple-faced kid named Jimmy Nugget working at the local fast food joint — when suddenly the earth is taken over by aliens and one big fat “Java-The-Hut” looking one is in charge, and has a voracious appetite. Jimmy is tasked by the President of the US to feed the biggest, fatest alien. He does this by topping pieces of bread of varying sizes with anything that he can put on them (cans, flowers, burgers, garbage), and on some of the bigger pieces of bread, even people. Little aliens collect the sandwiches and feed them to Gourmo (big, fat Java-The-Hut looking alien) and as the game progresses there are lots of obstacles and the sandwiches get more complex to complete. True to Adult Swim nature, they put in some hilarity with the Men in Black who serve as hints throughout the game helping Jimmy figure out how to complete the level gameplay for this out-of-the-box platformer. What I love about this game is it isn’t the same old casual iphone game, it is unique and funny, yet challenging enough to enjoy playing for more than 5 minutes. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

iphone app reviewiphone app reviews

Bring Me Sandwiches!! iPhone App Details

Title: Bring Me Sandwiches!!
Price: $0.99
Size: 149.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: [adult swim]
Store: iTunes App Store

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Bring Me Sandwiches!! - [adult swim]

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Bring Me Sandwiches!! iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
“This game is unlike anything out there, and loads of fun!” -Appolicious
“Another sparky, generous and amusing offering from Adult Swim.” -EDGE
“Adult Swim has published another addictive game.” -Game Set Watch

Adult Swim Games returns with another original iPhone game! Invader Gourmo promises to destroy the Earth unless you meet his simple demand: BRING ME SANDWICHES!! As lowly fast food employee Jimmy Nugget, you’ve been charged by the President of the United States to save the planet. When making a sandwich for Gourmo, anything goes: meat, trash, cats…whatever you can stick between two slices of bread! Use intuitive touch-based controls to run and jump your way through dozens of levels across numerous countries and planets, and power-up your sandwiches with alien technology along the way! But whatever you do, don’t drop the sandwiches!!

From Adult Swim Games, producers of the surprisingly delicious “Robot Unicorn Attack” and “Amateur Surgeon” games, and Grumpyface Studios, indie developer of the tasty iOS arcade game “Wispin”.


“The consistent stream of quality games from Adult Swim is one of the App Store’s most welcome surprises.” -Pocket Gamer

“The true joy of Bring Me Sandwiches!! is seeing how bizarre your sandwiches become.”

“Amusing, varied, highly entertaining and excellent value for a dollar.” -Touch Arcade

“Pure fun from start to finish.” -AppSpy


• Precision 2D Gameplay will challenge your platforming skills!

• Travel across the world on your Sandwich-Building Adventure! Dozens of levels across five chapters: USA, Mexico, Italy, Japan and the mysterious Planet Nuzz!

• Easy-to-use controls that can be customized to match your favorite playstyle!

• GameCenter support with dozens of Achievements to unlock, and compete against your friends in points-based and time-based Leaderboards!

• Track all the crazy stuff you’ve crammed into your sandwiches with the Food Journal, and discover hidden alien parts in every level to gradually build your own Spaceship!

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