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Gears, A Simply Awesome Ball Rolling Platformer Game (Video)

Gears is a sexy physics puzzle ball rolling platformer game with stunning 3D graphics.

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YouTube App Video Review Link: Gears iPhone App Review (Gameplay) (Demo)

This application takes full advantage of the iPhone hardware and provides for an awesomely realistic ball rolling experience. From the opening screen it is evident that CrescentMoonGames took their time with meticulous graphics and it has paid off because Gears is at the #9 place in paid apps overall in the iTunes App Store.

The game is a ball rolling game, using skill so you don’t fall off and break your ball (orb). There are obstacles and other items you want to watch out for as well as power up points objects that will increase your score. The cool thing about this game is while there may only be 3 worlds and 27 levels, the time for level completion ranges from 20 seconds to 10 minutes. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that the later levels must be impossible. To that point as well the replay value of this game is huge since there are 4 difficulty settings.

Gears is a very well designed iPhone game with unbelievable graphics not to mention gameplay.

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iphone app video

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