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GlassPong by SIGMA Communication is a classically fun, FREE iPhone game. As the title says, get one ping pong ball into a cup and you will be hooked. I stupidly did not read the instructions before playing and could not figure out how to fling the ping pong balls. So STOP, and read the instructions — men, I tell ya. Once I figured out that you tap the screen to pull up a virtual ping pong ball, then aim (still holding your finger on the screen), then use your iPhone and make a flicking motion (vertically) to launch your ping pong ball, I did fine. This took a bit of getting used to and some flicks were better than others, as you will see in the video. However, once that first ping pong ball made it into the cup I was inspired to continue to waste some more of my time playing on and on. A couple of other items of interest: there are orange colored ping pong balls, land one of those in the cup for extra points, the cup moves each time you successfully land a ping pong ball into it, and your goal is to get as many ping pong balls into the cup as you can within 60 seconds. GlassPong is a great game to play as a group at a party, or by yourself — if bored or have a few extra minutes on your hands, game on! For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

free iphone app reviewsfree iphone app reviews

GlassPong FREE iPhone App Details

Title: GlassPong
Price: FREE
Size: 19.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: SiGMA Communications
Store: iTunes App Store

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GlassPong - SiGMA Communications Inc.

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GlassPong FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Thank you for 1,500,000 downloads worldwide!!(Jul,21)

– Add More Games
(Has released a new version of GlassPong.)

[update history]
– Add New Stage(OKINAWA seaside)
– Add Buzzer Beater
– facebook support

Please look forward to New feature additions.


GlassPong is a virtual game app.
Throw as many ping-pong balls into the glass as possible within 60 seconds!

Utilizing iPhone’s accelerometer, it feels much like throwing a real ping-pong ball!
Once you catch the glass, YOU WILL BE ADICTTED!!!

GlassPong Rules;
– 60-sec time attack stage
– Orange ball : 5 times the score
– Buzzer Beater : 10 times the score
– Catching the glass in consecutive successes doubles the score up to five times

How To Play;
1. Hold your iPhone, The ball appears as you put your finger on the display
2. Tilt iPhone toward the direction (left<>right) you want to throw
3. Shake iPhone vertically, releasing your finger to throw the ball
4. Catching the glass with the ball gives you the score. Throw as many as you can within 60 sec
5. Let’s share and compare your score to friends and others on Twitter and Facebook
* Please Sign In from option menu.

If you want the ads to go away, you can purchase the option in-app.

World Ranking Results;
– Germany: No.1 Free App
– Luxembourg: No.1 Free App
– Japan: 2nd Free App
– Saudi Arabia: 2nd Free App
– Kuwait: 2nd Free App
– Italy: 2nd Free App
– Switzerland: 2nd Free App
– Netherlands: 2nd Free App
– Austria: 3rd Free App
– Greece: 3rd Free App
– Taiwan: 3rd Free App
– Macau: 3rd Free App
– Hong Kong: 5th Free App
– Spain: 6th Free App

What’s new

– Add More Games
(Has released a new version of GlassPong.)

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