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Skee Ball Arcade is the official “Skee Ball App” that brings the classic and fun ball-throwing arcade game to iOS and Android devices. And since it has been a bit of a challenge to find a good Skee Ball game on the iPhone or Android lately, Skee Ball Arcade solves this dilemma with its exciting multiplayer and classic “Skee Ball” gaming experience. This quality game comes complete with numerous Skee Ball machines, tournament gameplay, and multiplayer game modes that make this simple arcade game quite addicting. Currently, the included Skee Ball machines are: Galaxy, Basketball, Candy, and Pinball.

iPhone Skee Ball App


If you have never played Skee Ball, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing. Skee Ball is a classic “old school” arcade game where you throw 8 balls up an inclined ramp attempting to land each ball in a variety of holes to rack up points. The 100 point hole is the highest and hardest to hit. As with most games, you play Skee Ball to get a high score, and, of course, tickets to purchase stuff. This “virtual” version of classic Skee Ball is no different, except the fun factor is juiced up a bit in this Skee Ball app with power-ups, score multipliers and bonus rounds.

Skee Ball App


The gameplay is fast paced with true arcade Skee Ball sounds as you throw each ball down the different Skee Ball machine ramps. You can play in tournaments (tokens required), play against your contacts, Facebook Friends or against random online opponents. One thing is for sure, this Skee Ball Arcade game is not a boring Skee Ball game. The tournaments are quick play single player games, but your score goes up against other players joining those tournaments. And, tournaments provide great payouts in tickets, power-ups or tokens, which really bring this game alive and help you score more points.

Skee Ball Arcade is a blast to play and there is good reason why this free arcade-style game is the official Skee Ball App!

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