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Skee Ball App – Arcade Ball Is Mediocre At Best (Video)

The Arcade Ball Skee ball app is a classic skee ball game for the iPhone and iPad. However, this Games app is a bit of a let down since it’s just “okay” to play.

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This classic skee ball app appears to be perfect until you start playing. At times, when rolling the ball you may experience (as others did) a very slow ball roll. This happens even though you gave it all you had with your forceful finger swipe. The ball just rolls into the gutter.

iPad App Review for the Skee Ball App

I experienced this with about 25% of my throws. Apparently, I was not alone. A quick check of the iTunes App Reviews for this Arcade Ball, skee ball app, showed others were experiencing the same thing.

On a brighter note, the multiplayer game mode is pretty good. This allows you to square off with friends or random opponents for a quick skee ball game.

Arcade Ball iPad App Review

Developer’s App Description

Bring the classic American arcade bowling experience everywhere with Arcade Ball for iOS! With a quick flick, roll the ball up the ramp and into one of the numbered holes for points, tickets tokens and achievements. Arcade Ball is easy to learn and easier to love: Play by simply flicking your finger across the screen. Tilt your device to add spin. Simple to play, impossible to stop! Win enough tickets to go on a shopping spree for fun prizes, custom lanes, and custom balls! Over 100 prizes across multiple collections!

Arcade Ball is powered by Mobage, the best, free social game network.

What’s new

We are sorry for all the inconveniences generated by iOS7 and Multiplayer Matches. We’ve been working around the clock to have a new version that fixes the problem. Download today and challenge your friends!!

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