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Skylanders Cloud Patrol – The Troll Exterminators

The Skylanders are on a mission to re-capture all the escaped trolls running loose throughout this arcade shooter game. If you don’t have kids, then there is a good chance you’ve never heard of Skylanders before. However, if you have kids then you probably have heard of the Skylanders figures that interface with most, if not all console game units creating a combination physical offline toy & video game. The Skylanders figures and video game have been a huge hit since Christmas of last year. Why? Each figure has its own personality and brings something different to the table, and there are loads of these figures. While my kids are not young enough to appreciate these, I have been on the hunt for Skylanders figures at various stores for a friend of mine, and every time I check there are never any in stock — getting the picture now? This iPhone and iPad game is fairly awesome, even for those who have never heard of the troll crime fighters before. The Skylanders Cloud Patrol shooter game allows for single shots, but slide your finger over the enemy trolls and you get more points for combos. There are also a bunch of magic items to help you and prevent instant death by shooting a death-looking image.

Skylanders iPhone game app review

One of the most beneficial features of this game is for those whom have purchased physical Skylanders figures because they can unlock all of the virtual Skylanders in this game using a webcode. If you don’t have any physical Skylanders figures it can get costly to unlock the virtual ones because you will have to purchase gems with real-world cash or earn gems to unlock the Skylanders in this game. My take on this is that you can earn gems in a decent amount if you are persistent enough, and that makes the game rather reasonable. However, if your impatient like me (and most kids), you’ll find that $10 to $20 only unlocks a handful of virtual Skylanders. Aside from the revenue model of this game, I found the game to provide plenty of instant fun, but it did became rather repetitive after a while as you continue to clear areas. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is a very good game, but those whom will benefit the most from this game are the people with a pile of Skylanders. Be sure to watch the iPad video app review for an example of the gameplay for Skylanders Cloud Patrol. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Skylanders Cloud Patrol iPhone App Details

Title: Skylanders Cloud PatroL
Price: $0.99
Size: 78.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Skylanders Cloud Patrol iPhone App Download Link

Skylanders Cloud Patrol - Activision Publishing, Inc.

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal


Join TRIGGER HAPPY and the rest of the SKYLANDERS as they patrol the Skylands for escaped trolls! Grab your favorite Skylander and take to the skies in your flying gunship to put those troublesome trolls in their place – Skylanders style.

Not familiar with Skylanders? No problem! Cloud Patrol is an easy to learn, action-packed game that everyone can enjoy.

In this unique arcade shooter, tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets creating amazing combos to knock the trolls out of the Skylands. Score the highest combo per area to get more points and collect more loot. Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders and Magic items that help you power through your adventure. Dominate the leaderboards and show your friends who rules the skies!

Skylanders Cloud Patrol has full support for your existing Skylander Figure collection! You can immediately unlock any of the Skylanders figures you already own to get a leg up on those nasty trolls.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol features:
– Tons of Magic Item boosts such as Anvil Rain and Time Twister to super power your adventure.
– Play with over 30 different Skylanders characters.
– Support for your existing Skylander Spyro’s Adventure Toy Collection. If you already own Skylanders toys, use your web code card to unlock Skylanders and magic items in Cloud Patrol.
– Friend and Global Game Center Leaderboards – what’s your high score?
– 30 Game Center Achievements!
– Universal App with support for iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

©2012 Activision Publishing, Inc.

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