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Slice It Game, KingHunt Takes Slicing Games Into The Future! (Video)

KingHunt, a Next Generation slice it game, provides an amazing “slicing game” experience for iOS mobile device users. Prepare for an upgraded Fruit Ninja experience with this new genre of slicing game. Graphically, this iPhone game is above awesome. It has sick graphics, along with 200 different whacky enemies, 12 worlds, and loads of challenges and achievements.

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The developers, MountainSheep, have a history of creating awesome iOS games like Minigore, the Bike Baron game and Ice Rage. Their unique “whackiness” can be seen in the weird and enjoyable backstory for this slicing game. But, it is not the story that makes KingHunt shine. It is the stunning graphics coming at you at 60fps using Dynamic Slicing Technology (DST). Whatever MountainSheep did to advance this game type that HalfBrick did not do first is utterly amazing.

KingHunt is a great slice it game that you will not want to miss out on. You can download it now using the App Store link below!

App Features

-Great powers at your fingertips
-200 different enemies
-12 fantastic worlds
-100 magical trinkets
-110 challenges and 76 achievements
-DST (Dynamic Slicing Technology)

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