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Slideshow App – Memory Jar – Capture and Share Life’s Precious Moments

As the end of the year draws near, the Memory Jar slideshow app is a great way to take all your precious photos from this year’s past events, big and small, and turn them into a nostalgic slideshow for yourself, family and friends to enjoy. In addition to the ability to create and display customized slideshow albums, the Memory Jar slideshow app also lets you add descriptive information to your photos, categorize, tag, and organize them too. And for an extra special touch, you can also add music from your iTunes library to any of your created albums. And once your photo slideshow albums are complete, you can view them as individual albums or enjoy them all at once in a 1 year overview. The “Year in Review” feature is perfect entertainment for a New Year’s Eve party, allowing you and your guests to take a walk down memory lane together. Memory Jar also gives you the option to share your created slideshow albums with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, from within this photo slideshow app.

Memory Jar Slideshow iPhone App Review

To be honest, this iPhone and iPad Social Networking app is not very exciting to look at, but this slideshow app does have a straightforward user interface, good functionality, and an attractive end product. There are 2 different photo album themes for you to choose from: Baby and Default. The Default album theme comes with light brown paper and a leather/suede front and back album cover. The Baby theme has light green paper and a green textured album cover. Both themes are attractive and generic enough to fit a wide range of occasions. And best of all, when you’re ready to start your slideshow, your photos appear in the nicely bound and titled album cover, along with turn-page animation, your pre-entered titles for all of your photos, and music if you added it. It’s not until you complete an album that you’ll start to see the true beauty of this “Plain Jane” app.

And to help you get started, the developer, Jebs Apps, provides a step-by-step tutorial with simple instructions. Just take a photo or add a photo from you camera roll and begin entering information into the preset fields: Title (or event), Description (or important details about event), Date (for when a photo was taken, there’s a date selection wheel also), a designated Location (for you to fill in your location or name of place, or use the GPS option to fill in the specific city and state), and Tags (which are keywords to help you better organize your photo memories). Tags are important for helping you easily pull in the right photos when you’re creating future custom slideshows. Just like everything else, the better organized you are on the front end, the easier it will be to create your photo slideshows.

iPhone Slideshow App Review for Memory Jar

This iOS Universal picture slideshow app lets you create, edit and browse your memories in the following main categories: List Memories (shown in chronological order and separated by month), Search Memories (by Text title and description, Tags or Date Range), Slideshows (lists album slideshows created), and Year in Review. When in the Slideshows category, there is customization for how the album will display, like whether or not to repeat display cycle, auto page turn or not, the length of seconds delay in between photos, Theme choice (brown or green), and the option to add a music background from your iTunes library, as well as add additional photo memories.

Once you complete your photo slideshow album you also have the option to share with others on Facebook and Twitter if you choose. Just so you know, this slideshow app does not automatically share on these social networks. You have to manually allow this option. But if you’re into sharing with others, another way to do that is to use your Apple TV. Display the year’s memories on the big screen using Airplay for all your guests to enjoy. It’s a special way to remember all the big and small events of the year as a New Year is being ushered in.

Memory Jar may be a “no frills” photo slideshow app, but this practical application is a hard-working tool that will help you easily capture life’s precious moments and display them as treasured photos for you and others to enjoy this New Year’s Eve or any other time of the year.

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