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Smash Cops, Fantastic Simulation Police Pursuit iOS Game (Video)

Smash Cops is a fun and unique “top down view” police pursuit Simulation Game. This police pursuit game features a unique control to drive your police cruiser. You drive your cop car by using your finger on the back of the police car. It’s Hutch Games’ ingenious vehicle control that makes this action game a blast to play.

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And, there are plenty of challenges to complete in this “cops and robbers” smash’em up game. Challenges range from taking on the police driving course, driving around town to find evidence, responding to robbery calls, and of course smashing into criminals to make arrests!

This Smash Cops police simulation game is a little cheesy in the reality department but still provides a ton of entertainment value. There are currently 7 mini games, a bunch of killer cop cars to unlock, and donuts. I almost forgot to mention the donuts. And if you’re wondering, yes, cops do like donuts. I know I did!

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