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Smash Cops Heat Review, Great Police Pursuit Smash’Em Up Game (Video)

Smash Cops Heat is an unruly arcade smash’em police pursuit game by Hutch Games, developers for the original Smash Cops game. Hutch has tweaked the original Games app adding better driving controls, power ups and more police cars. Being a retired “city cop” I have had my fair share of “real” police pursuits, which immediately caused me to connect with this arcade “cops and robbers” game.

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Smash Cop Heat now features killer power-ups like Super Cop, Insta Ram, and the ability to customize your police cars with a variety of pinstriped designs and colors.

And if you are wondering, yes, most cops love donuts. I did as a police officer and still do, but eat less because they make me fat. To that point, Hutch comically adds the “Donut Radar” and sprinkles donut collections throughout the levels. When you get 3 donuts you get rewarded, but you will have to play to find out what that reward is.

Smash Cops Heat is a great follow-up to the original game and has plenty of crazy police pursuit gameplay for free on the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android.

smash cops heat review


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  1. ARMAND says:

    i love smash cops how ever id like them in smash cops heat to let you have the other cars and use them when ever you whant NOT RENT THEM


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