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Smash Cops Heat Video – Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do?

This Smash Cops Heat video review is an overall demonstration of the game, shows various gameplay modes, and has funny commentary throughout, enjoy! Looking for an arcade police game? If so you will want to get your hands on this Android game. This police pursuit game features numerous challenging game modes, a bunch of awesome police cruisers to unlock and plenty of donuts.

Everyone knows that cops love donuts!

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Smash Cops Heat does a great job bringing this classic “cops vs. robbers” storyline in an action packed unique Android racing game.

Smash Cops Heat is a free-to-play game where your goal is to catch bad guys, respond to emergency calls, and perform a variety of other official police actions. Along the way you will collect donuts; yes, one of a police officer’s 5 main food groups. But, the donuts in this game provide you beneficial bonuses during gameplay.

The controls are a bit different for this game than most racing games. You maneuver your police car by placing your finger on the back of your police car, this is the same control method used for the original Smash Cops game. Some players don’t like this control style because it can interfere with your view of the game. Watch the app video review and see for yourself!

This arcade police pursuit game provides a smashing good time while chasing down and arresting bad guys!

This games is also available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (download links below).

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