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Smash Hit Game, A Thrilling Casual Endless Runner App! (Video)

The Smash Hit game, by Mediocre AB, adds a smashing twist to the mobile endless runner game that will get your heart pumping the farther you go. From the creators of the Sprinkle Game, an imaginative “out of the box” physics game, comes this beautiful endless runner game.

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The simplicity of gameplay, plus the fun smashing effect is what makes Smash Hit another winner by Mediocre AB. Smash Hit is a well done creation with a very subtle quality about it. It features awesome musically-driven gameplay, no ads, high quality graphics, and excellent sound effects!

iPad Review for the Smash Hit Game

Smash Hit Game Overview

Smash Hit is an endless runner game by design, and a physics glass smashing game second. Each game starts off in Stage 1 with you moving forward through various glass-scape rooms. You cannot move, but you can shoot metal balls at crystals as you move through each room. You start off with 50 metal balls, losing 1 each time you shoot, but you get 3 additional metal balls for hitting each glass crystal. Hitting 10 crystals in a row upgrades you to a multi-ball shooter, which continues to go up as long as you continuously hit crystals after getting your first multi-ball upgrade.

Review for Smash Hit iPad Game

Miss a crystal and you will lose your multi-ball upgrade. You will also lose multi-ball shooting if you hit any object. Typically, when you hit an object you will also lose 10 balls, which can become a problem. The goal of Smash Hit is to smash your way all the way to the end of the game, which currently appears to be the 11th stage. There is also a music element to the Smash Hit gameplay, where the music “drives” the game as you play through each mysterious glass area. As you continue to hit glass crystals and progress through the game, you will pick-up speed, making it harder to hit those glass crystals.

iPad App Review Video for Smash Hit

You will also encounter new and harder-to-smash glass objects, some popping out unexpectedly and others just being plain hard to break. Aiding you in your game objectives are a few power-ups that can be earned along the way, including Infinity Ball and a Time Slow Down. Smash Hit comes as a completely free game, and has no ads to boot. However, if you want Checkpoint Restart, Statistics, and Cloud Saves, you can purchase Smash Hit Premium for $1.99 from within the application. Smash Hit is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Overall View: Awesome!

Smash Hit is one of the best endless runner games I have played on my iPad. The minimalist glass graphics, smashing glass effects, along with trying to use precise (virtual) metal ball shooting is what got my heart pumping – making each game that much more exciting. Simply put, Mediocre AB created a more than mediocre game and is a must have download for all people who like playing these kinds of games on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

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Developer: Mediocre AB
iOS Universal Games application, v. 1.0.1, Cost: $0.00
Smash Hit
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/08/2014
Thrilling endless runner game where you smash glass using metal balls to continue the game!
5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Mediocre is not just a name – it’s a concept. Founded by two guys who don’t really play video games, but thrive on creating, we got sick and tired of wading through the endless stream of crappy games out there. Thousands of developers pushing game after game where mediocrity seems to be the benchmark, we decided to develop different games without the compromises. Mediocre AB is located in Sweden.

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