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Snow Queen Book, One Of The Most Amazing Kids’ iPad Apps Ever!

This kids’ iPad app is one of the most masterfully crafted interactive books I’ve ever come across. The Snow Queen book by Timecode is nearly perfect, having almost everything you could ever want from an iPad Books app. It is a stunningly intricate and sophisticated version of the original fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. And with the help of breathtaking illustrations done by award winning artist Vladyslav Yerko, Timecode has done an amazing job of turning this classic story into a modern iOS masterpiece.

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This Snow Queen Book features the authentic good vs evil story revolving around an evil troll, the icy villainess, and two young children named Gerda and Kai. This iOS book also comes with a smooth and user friendly interface, amazing artwork, and beautifully orchestrated music and sounds. You will also find mesmerizing animations and engaging interactions to make this fantastical story come alive. So prepare for a mesmerizing trip as you and your kids venture into the 7 chapters and 27 pages waiting for you. And these pages contain 300 interactive objects and 7 mini-games that are sure to amuse and entertain along the way.

This literary classic can be read in 2 ways: by listening to the professional female narration or by reading it yourself at a leisurely pace. Johanna Parker does a nice job of narrating the story, but the pace feels a tad rushed to me, especially since everything about this iPad book begs you to pause and stay awhile. The Snow Queen book is segmented into 7 “mini-chapters,” along with fun hidden surprises. The actual story text is displayed and read vertically. The text highlights in red and automatically moves down the page in time with the audio narration. And if reading on your own, the page can be swiped upward as you move down the page in the reading process. And moving between story pages is an effortless swipe to the left or right, which lands you happily onto the next page with child-like wonderment. On some story pages you can pinch the artwork in for an up-close view or out for a more expansive view of the artwork.

Snow Queen Book Kids iPad App

There is an incredible attention to detail throughout this entire application, even down to the navigational icons. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the animated mouse icon turns the narration on and off. Even the navigation bar had unusual images to manipulate the sounds, represented by the bell, trumpet, and lips with teeth icons. There’s even a light bulb icon that darkens a page background and illuminates all the interactive opportunities, making sure you don’t miss anything on each page. Some of these amazing interactions are things such as starting a blizzard by blowing on the top of the iPad screen, lighting candle flames, swiping Kai’s hair to see it respond to your touch, and many others just waiting to fascinate you. It’s so easy to get lost in the many intriguing animations, interactions and activities that this kids’ iPad app offers. My teenagers loved the story and even had fun completing the puzzles, Raven’s collection hunt, and tap-to-paint coloring sheets.

Snow Queen Book iPad Kids App

This compelling version of the written classic conjures up the same magical wonderment of other amazing story/movie classics like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Alice in Wonderland. Treat your kids and yourself to an early Christmas gift and download this stunning iOS work of art. This sophisticated version of the Snow Queen book is an award-winning Books app that won’t disappoint!

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