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Prepare to launch yourself down 21 different courses while you play through 5 massive game modes in this incredibly realistic snowboarding game featuring over 150 objectives, numerous riders & snowboards to unlock, and plenty of heart pounding gameplay. Snowboard Party 2 by Ratrod Studios is an “off the hook” snowboarding game that will have you coming back for more.

As usual, Ratrod Studios has developed another superb sports app with their Snowboard Party 2. This snowboard game sells for only $1.99, which is a huge value compared to the massive amount of gameplay that comes inside this app. There are 5 different game modes: Freestyle, Time Attack, Big Air, Half-pipe and Multiplayer – and they all rock. Freestyle is just that, you can hit jumps, ride rails, and tear up half-pipes as you blaze down the multitude of courses in this game mode. Time Attack is a timed game mode featuring tighter courses and lots of speed, jumps too, but not hitting the flags and getting to the bottom in as little times as possible is the key to mastering this game mode.

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The Big Air game mode features huge slopes where you build speed to launch into huge jumps where you can perform tricks for seconds before landing. This is one of my favorite game modes because you can perform “off the hook” tricks while airborne, after hitting a big jump. The half-pipe game mode is also addictive because you are performing numerous tricks and attempting to jump higher and higher to get more combos, as well as trying to gain multipliers to get a huge score. Multiplayer is the last game mode and it is also one of my favorites. You get to go down random courses against online opponents. The server matchup is very fast and within seconds after starting this game mode you are racing another person live through a freestyle type course, best score wins.

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There are over 50 snowboard tricks to learn, 100s of objectives to complete, courses to unlock as well as different characters, snowboards, and more. Not only has Ratrod done a great job of providing a really fun game to play, they have also been very generous with the experience. Experience can be used to unlock characters, snowboards, custom skins for characters, as well as allow you to upgrade your character. As an option you can purchase experience, and even then Ratrod is generous with the amount of experience you get for your money.

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All in all, Snowboard Party 2 is a super solid and fun snowboarding game with stunning graphics, great music and is a joy to play. I found myself really getting into this game, gripping my iPhone as I tried to create new combos in an effort to get my multiplier higher. I definitely found my heart rate beating a little faster after playing this game. I highly recommend downloading this game by using one of the links below. This game is available for the iPhone, iPad in the iTunes App Store, for Android in the Google Play Store, for Amazon devices in the Amazon App Store, and for Windows mobile devices in the Windows Mobile App Store.

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Snow board Party 2 iPhone App Review
Snowboard Party 2 is a fresh new snowboarding game by Ratrod Studios that is seriously the most realistic snowboarding game for the iPhone, iPad or Android.
Snowboard Party 2
Written by: Michael F. Vallez
Date Published: 12/09/2015
Awesome iPhone snowboarding game, highly recommended, great graphics, lots of gameplay, numerous game modes all very playable on the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6+, iPad or Android devices.
4.5 / 5 stars

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