iNstein College, iPhone Puzzle Game, That May Make You Smart (Video)

If you are not as smart as you could be, grab the iNstein College iPhone puzzle games app and starting brushing up on your knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

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This puzzle games app has a subtle way of teaching you about a variety of topics (geography, history, etc) as you play along. It is a unique game that is a combination of color-shape word puzzles. Players must determine the correct colored shape to play that has the correct letters that fit the word puzzle you are trying to solve. While the shape part may not be too hard, it is harder to determine the correct letters of the varied colored shapes to fit the puzzle correctly, spelling out the quote, saying or topic, which is the object of this puzzle game.

Once you conquer a category, you are able to earn a funny diploma, complete with your name on it for mastering that category. This game comes with 36 puzzles for free and if you want to get even smarter, you will have to enroll in the other puzzle levels.

iNstein College is a great way to learn while having some fun and heck, you may even get a diploma for your wall.

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