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SOULCALIBUR – Fantastic 3D iPhone Fighting Game

By now, gamers out there are well aware of the SOULCALIBUR’s availability as an iOS Universal game application. We’ve already done an iPad video app review for this 3D fighting game and  gave it a rave review, minus a simple navigation glitch that still exists today. The iPhone version of this game is just as good, which means it is great, but the screen size for working the controls is cramped. The controls themselves worked well and I found it easy to beat the snot out of my opponents using the virtual joystick on the left and the 4 action buttons on the right. The graphics while ported over still look really good, and anyone who has played this at the arcade or on a console will feel right at home. There are of course 19 different characters, numerous game modes and unlockable content, both characters and game content.

SOULCALIBUR iPhone Game App ReviewsSOULCALIBUR iPhone Game App Reviews

This app came out in January and still there is a missing navigation (glitch) in both survival modes (Survival and Extreme Survival), that being a missing pause button to take you back to stop the action or take you back to the main menu system. While this is not a huge deal, it is kind of significant if you figure the app is priced in the premium range at $11.99 — which is also 20% off as an introductory special. If you are going to sell an app at that price, it needs a navigation path to get back to the main menu from every one of the game modes. I only purchased this app to review on our site and on YouTube, but if I were you, I’d put this on my app wish list on AppShopper or another app that notifies you of price drops, because $11.99 to me is way overpriced when you compare an app like this to Infinity Blade II, which sells for only $6.99 and at that price is loads better than this game. What do you think, do you think this app is priced right, sound off below. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

SOULCALIBUR iPhone App Details

Price: $11.99
Category: Games
Store: iTunes App Store

SOULCALIBUR iPhone App Download Link

SOULCALIBUR - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

SOULCALIBUR iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
**** Release sale! %20 off! ***

The latest entry in the SOULCALIBUR series, “”SOULCALIBUR V”” (PlayStation3/Xbox 360) launch dates
North America: Jan. 31, 2012
Europe: Feb 3, 2012

“SOULCALIBUR” series is available on theiOS. Enjoythe memorable characters and non-stop action SOULCALIBUR is famed for with complete arcade fidelity in the comfort of your own home!

Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcending time and space.

19 characters in total!
All character moves faithfully recreated!

Gorgeous Retina display graphics!

※This application supports iOS 4.3 or greater, for below devices:
iPhone: 4 or newer
iPod touch: late-2010 (4th gen.) model or newer.
iPad: 2 or newer

***** Game Modes *****
(Additional modes are planned)

The original battle mode from the arcade version of “Soul Calibur.” Defeat all enemies to make it to the end of the game.

How fast can you beat the game?

With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?

How many opponents can you can defeat with single-hit kills?

Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork.

Learn the game’s basic system and techniques.

***** OTHERS *****

– Play on iPhone or iPad!!

– A virtual pad tuned for fighting games.

To unlock characters and other content, play with the settings in GAME OPTIONS set to the defaults or higher.

What’s new

– Numerous bug fixes.
– It’s even compatible with “that hidden element”!

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