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Space Panic (by Geemzo) is a classic arcade-style shooter game that features 2 game modes (1 with 3 difficulty settings), 4 weapons, ship upgrades, and a twist of physics in the gameplay that gives personality to this game. You control a military-grade defensive satellite that shoots a variety of weapons, but most are either earned through credits or gained through power-ups during gameplay. You are shooting down on your enemies as they shoot at you with a variety of ammo, sometimes even your own weapons. Move your satellite using the accelerometer from side to side and tap the screen to shoot. Once upgraded to weapons such as the laser, you can tap on the icon in the bottom doc and for a brief period you will get a massive laser band emanating from your satellite that will destroy everything on the screen — all so briefly.

Space Panic iPhone Game App Reviews Space Panic iPhone Game App Reviews

Space Panic adds some unique physics characteristics that make this game interesting like providing a domino effect when enemies that you shoot fall, as they fall, they take out other enemies causing some massive point scoring combos. The main game mode is Arcade where you play as long as you can stay alive, which until you upgrade your ship is 1 hit. Further upgrading of your armor will provide for all intents and purposes more lives. The second game mode is One Shot that allows you to shoot 3 times and you can use any weapons that you have upgraded or obtained in Arcade mode to do so. This game mode has 3 difficulty settings and the trick in this game is to wait until the screen is full of enemies and time your shot to take advantage of the physics combo effect. Space Panic, while having a retro old-school-shooter feel, also has sort of a multi-tasking mentality where you must watch the enemy fire coming at you while trying to score as many points as possible through the domino effect while taking out your enemies. There is a FREE version as well called Space Panic Free that you can try out before buying the full version. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Space Panic iPhone App Details

Title: Space Panic
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 13.7 MB
Developer: Geemzo
Store: iTunes App Store

Space Panic iPhone App Download Link

Space Panic - Geemzo

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Space Panic iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Fresh and exiting approach to oldschool arcade space shooters. Space Panic brings all what is best in arcade shooter and adds PHYSICS to it! Control super advance Military Satellite and defence your planet from evil aliens. Use four types of weapons to start cascades of falling ships, aim carefully or just keep shooting as a mad man! You choose your way of playing, but the mission always stays the same, Destroy Them All! Upgrade system will help you improve your satellite and make it even more deadly weapon. Be destructive, create havoc and mayhem, begin the Space Panic!

– Four game modes
– Four different weapons
– Upgrade system
– Great physics
– Oldschool atmosphere
– OpenFeint and GameCenter
– HD Graphics
– Universal build

What’s new

GC and OF moved to main menu screen.

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