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SpaceOff – Intense Head-to-Head Battle Game

SpaceOff (by Totem Games Ltd) is a fantastic and fun shooter game where the accuracy of your aim determines whether you live or die during this intense face-off style head-to-head explosive battle game. The retro space-themed music accompanied with the awesome graphics set the stage for an extreme head-to-head game experience. Your objective is simple enough in this pick-up-and-play game that just about anyone can easily figure it out in a matter of minutes.

You’ll shoot at an asteroid that begins in the middle of the game board between either your computer (AI) opponent or your human opponent (2 players on the same device), with the object to get the asteroid to the opposite end of the screen. Many of the game boards have blocks that you must penetrate using the asteroid, which by the way splits into smaller asteroids after turning red (due to continued shooting), making for a much more interesting game; you’ll have to choose which asteroids to shoot at to both protect your side of the screen while trying to launch an asteroid into your opponents area achieving victory.

SpaceOff iPhone Game App ReviewSpaceOff iPhone Game App Review

Each level has a total of 5 potential matches before someone wins, to win a level you must take 3 games out of 5. The AI computer opponent is no slouch in this game and you’ll want to be sure you eat your Wheaties before playing because you will be tapping to stay alive more aggressively than one would think, even in the first level of gameplay. There are beneficial extras in the form of shooting power-ups like missiles, repulsing magnent, etc., that will help you (albeit so brief)  have a little extra fire power to volley the asteroids toward your opponent; there are also several environments to unlock for added game play. SpaceOff, while designed for the iPhone has been optimized for the iPad, and plays well on this device also. I had a blast, literally, trying to manage the numerous asteroids during the match level gameplay. Although I really enjoyed this game, one addition that would make this app awesome would be online match gaming through Apple Game Center.  I am going to be looking for this hopefully in an update. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

SpaceOff iPhone App Details

Title: SpaceOff
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 45.9 MB
Developer: Totem Games Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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SpaceOff - Totem Games Ltd

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SpaceOff iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
“Explosive” – 148Apps
“One sensational experience” – Frosted elbow
“Prepare for some explosive arcade action” – Appvader
“Fun blasting all the way” – iPhoneGamerUK
Challenge your friends to insane head-to-head local battles or compete through online leaderboards in SpaceOff, the unique physics based shooter from Totem Games!
A frantic, competitive shoot em up inspired by elements of classic retro games.
– Two players on one device, battle your friends wherever you have your phone or pad.
– Challenge friends through online leaderboards to become SpaceOff Grandmaster.
– Fast gameplay intensifies to insane levels!
– Simple pick up and play controls – one finger control system.
– Defeat fierce AI opponents to unlock new features and fun.
– Twenty Galactic arenas to unlock, all playable in both single and multi player.

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