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SocialSpeech (by Skynetric) is a voice recognition app that recognizes your speech and converts it into words for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and also reads aloud your text status updates and Tweets as well. This application is perfect for you social networking junkies out there who want access to Facebook and Twitter constantly, but may be limited at times when you can’t visually track your iPhone (like while driving) or you just may prefer hearing them all the time instead of reading them. Additionally, you can speak your Facebook status updates or Tweets by using the speech-to-text option within the application. The app is easy to use and once logged into either social network, you will start hearing your updates spoken by a voice (male or female) and in your chosen language (many to choose from). I selected US English female to read my updates– this selection was pleasant and a little surprising because I was expecting something more robotic sounding.

SocialSpeech iPhone social networking app reviewSocialSpeech iPhone social networking app review

Listening to your Tweets or Facebook news feed can be manipulated by either fast forwarding, rewinding, or stopping the audio, which can easily be started again by tapping on the play button. You can also read through your status updates as well. Both social networks can easily be re-synced by tapping on the arrow circle symbol in the upper left. Recording a Tweet or Facebook update couldn’t be easier, just tap on the box in the upper left with the pen and you will be taken to a large text bubble and a microphone that once activated will record your voice (pretty darn good), which you can then edit if the voice recognition didn’t exactly get your recording prior to tapping send. SocialSpeech is very nice social networking app to help you keep connected in a world that is ultra busy by listening to your Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as recording your own with voice recognition. CrazyMikesapps.com LLC encourages you not to use any iPhone apps while driving and does not promote the use of any apps while driving. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

SocialSpeech – iPhone App Details

Title: SocialSpeech: Speech-to-Text and Voice Recognition for Facebook Status Updates and Twitter Tweets
Price: $0.99
Category: Social Networking
Size: 2.0 MB
Developer: Skynetric
Store: iTunes App Store

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SocialSpeech: Speech-to-Text and Voice Recognition for Facebook Status Updates and Twitter Tweets - Skynetric

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SocialSpeech iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Note: Bug regarding Facebook login has been fixed. Thank you for your patience and support!

Tip: When using voice recognition, please speak naturally and about 4 inches away from your device so it does not overload the mic.

If Twitter login crashes the app:
When using the Twitter feature, you must log onto Twitter and set the setting “Always use HTTPS” on. The Twitter feature will only work if you turn this on. We are working to allow both settings, either “Always use HTTPS” on or off.
Thanks for your patience and support!

– Very natural sounding speech.
– Speaks Facebook Wall Statuses.
– Posts Facebook status updates using speech recognition.
– Speaks Twitter tweets of people you follow.
– Post tweets using speech recognition.
– You may choose different voices and some voices will translate to the specified languages.
– Listen to your Facebook and Twitter on the go safer than ever before!
– Uses iSpeech TTS and Speech Recognition.
– More features coming soon!

Voices and Languages:
US English Female (default)
US English Male
UK English Female
UK English Male
Australian English Female
US Spanish Female
US Spanish Male
Chinese Female
Chinese Male
Hong Kong Cantonese Female
Taiwan Chinese Female
Japanese Female
Japanese Male
Korean Female
Korean Male
Canadian English Female
Hungarian Female
Brazilian Portuguese Female
European Portuguese Female
European Portuguese Male
European Spanish Female
European Spanish Male
European Catalan Female
European Czech Female
European Danish Female
European Finnish Female
European French Female
European French Male
European Norwegian Female
European Dutch Female
European Dutch Male
European Polish Female
European Italian Female
European Italian Male
European Turkish Female
European Turkish Male
European German Female
European German Male
Russian Female
Russian Male
Swedish Female
Canadian French Female
Canadian French Male

What’s new

– Fixed bugs for logging into Facebook.
– If you turned the “Always use HTTPS” off, you must log onto Twitter and set the setting “Always use HTTPS” on. The Twitter feature will only work if you turn this on.
– Other minor bug fixes.

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