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Spense Money Tracker App, Easy Peasy Money Tracking for iPhone!

The Spense money tracker app is a super easy way to track your money and spending without requiring a complicated budget. This free iPhone Finance app has quick expense/income entry, list view for expense/income, easy-to-read charts, and works on a customizable cycle that you set.

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Most people don’t bother to track their money or have a budget. That’s because setting up a budget and tracking each expense/income is such a time consuming task. However, the Spense iPhone app changes this by providing you with a practical money tracking app that is simple to understand and very quick and easy to use.

iPhone App Review for the Spense Finance App

Spense Money Tracker App Overview

The first time you open the Spense app you will be required to enter an email to begin using the application. The initial use is completely free and fully functional, but there is a Spense Plus yearly subscription option that has some extra “bells and whistles” that may entice you to subscribe.

But first, let’s start off with the the free money tracking features in this free Finance app. The main goal of the Spense app is to set a target money amount that you want as a maximum amount of money to spend for a selected period of time or a cycle. You can set cycles to weekly, every 2 weeks, twice a month, monthly, and quarterly. There is a date adjustment for any of the cycles allowing you to customize your selected cycle. The other main goal of the Spense app is to make it so easy to use that you actually use it, which the developer, Irinhawk, has done effectively.

iPhone App Review for a free money tracker app

With the free version you can quickly enter an expense or income amount, category, and date for each activity. Also in the free version, you can even add customized categories using a variety of different colored tiles to identify your categories. Additionally, you get a list queue of all transactions (any of which you can edit), and a super slick pie chart. The pie chart shows you every expense as a percentage based on how much you spent during your cycle. This chart is updated each time you record an expense or income, so your balance is always dead accurate in this money-tracking app.

In a nutshell, you simply set a money limit and track your expense/income. You’ll always know where you’re at financially with just a touch of a button. Also, there is no complicated or lengthy setup in the Spense app, and you are not going to pay bills or connect your bank account. It is meant to be a super quick expense tracking solution and that’s the purpose it serves. Another great aspect of this free iPhone Finance app is that there is no advertising in the free version either.

iPhone Expense Tracker App Review

Spense Plus

If you are looking for a more in-depth money tracking solution within this app, you may want to spend $9.99 to get the yearly Spense Plus subscription. Spense Plus provides additional details to be entered into each expense or income, as text notes and images. The images can either come from your camera roll or be taken from within the app using your iPhone camera. This added functionality works at lightning fast speed.

You still have to type, but both features pull up quickly and make entering expenses less of a chore than they already are. But, the bulk of the Spense Plus app features include: cloud syncing and automatic backup for all your data and sharing a spending journal across multiple devices using an account name and password. You also get an auto generated email sent to you at the end of each cycle detailing that cycle in the form of a .csv file. The email file includes all notes, photos, transactions and charts – which is very cool.

And since the initial release of the Spense app in the iTunes App Store, it has earned Apple’s “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” acclaim.

If you are in need of a simple but good money tracker app, you cannot go wrong with the Spense iPhone app. Try it out for free using the download link below!

iPhone App Review for the Spense iPhone App

Download The Spense Money Tracker App Now!

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Developer: Irinhawk, LLC
iOS iPhone Finance App, Cost: Free, v 1.2.1
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/05/2014
Easy-to-use money tracking app for iPhone.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Spense is a development of Irinhawk, LLC., President and developer Craig Coleman designed Spense after finding that his family had trouble staying on a budget. By looking at the reasons why his family had trouble, he was able to design Spense to help alleviate those problems.
His wife Lisa is the vice-president and marketing coordinator for Spense. Irinhawk, LLC. is located in North Carolina.

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