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Spider-Man AR Book HD – Experience Augmented Reality!

With the newly released movie — The Amazing Spider-Man — this early July, it’s hard not to get caught up in all the Spider-Man commotion buzzing about before and since the highly anticipated PG-13 blockbuster’s appearance. Disney Publishing Worldwide stirs up plenty of excitement on its own with the new, Augmented Reality iPad book app — Spider-Man AR Book HD. This exciting Entertainment app not only has a professionally narrated storybook with actual images from the film, it also includes a ton of fun and interactive photo and game activities to be played throughout this book — your kids are bound to find this iPad app really cool.

the amazing spider man ipad app reviewthe amazing spider man ipad app review

Immediately upon the opening screen, there is an environment of dramatic suspense wanting to unfold and is heard through the music and seen in the graphics. An enticing spider icon in the lower left will let loose a vibrating swoosh sound (the “tingling” Spidey-Sense) and reveal the hidden navigation bar. Here you will find out what to expect: Language, Sound, Pages, Read, Games, and Info. Currently, English is the only language, but approximately 10 more are coming soon. Although I thoroughly enjoy all the sound effects, if the sounds become too overstimulating, simply turn off the sound, the background music, and the narration, allowing you to read together for a more relaxing reading experience. There are 37 pages to the storybook and they can be accessed individually from the thumbnails in the Read icon, which is also where you’ll find Auto-turn page option and a Young Reader Mode (which places navigational arrows in the upper right and left of page) to turn pages. The Games icon conceals 6 engaging activities (Oscorp Badge, Jar of Spiders AR, Glasses AR, Crawling Spiders AR, Spidey Mask AR, and Spidey-Sense AR — as you’ve probably guessed by now — that’s Augmented Reality).

These Augmented Reality game opportunities pop up at different points in the story as you progress in the storyline. If you’re unsure how to play, take a look at the simple pictograph instructions provided or tap the “?” mark icon to see text instructions instead. I’ve played all 6 activities and this is what I discovered:

Jar of Spiders AR: You need to tap the dangling spiders a just the right time as they swing over a jar in order to get them into the jar, and if you miss the jar, these creepy crawlers quickly scurry up either the right or left walls (and at a lot faster pace as the game goes on). The foreboding music magnifies the intensity. The game gets a bit challenging because the swinging spiders keep multiplying and distract you from the ones on the wall trying to get to the top of the wall — it brings back a lot of those spider-squashing moments a home that paralyze you and make you want to scream like the girl that you are. If you let 5 spiders get past you — you lose. There’s the opportunity to take a picture of yourself during the game, surrounded by cobwebs and dangling, swinging spiders — yuck! After snapping your photo, you can save it to you camera roll and email if you like.

Glasses AR: This activity allows you to try on the eyeglasses of Peter Parker’s dad. You’re supposed to put the iPad up a distance from your face and then line up your face correctly within the Red Frame Outline while also matching up the 2 sample Face Icons to guide you until the red face outline turns green (indicating that you’ve got it right). After you do, a second later eyeglasses will appear on your face, which is a lot of fun since the glasses stay on you face as you turn side to side, but move too fast, and the graphics can’t keep up and get wonky, but make for some crazy graphic fun. I have to say that I was loving everything about this interactive book until reaching this point because it was a little difficult and frustrating for me to get the hang of lining my face up correctly, and had my family check it out also to see if that was their initial experience as well — it was. It does take a little getting used to initially, but can quickly be overcome with a little practice. Regardless, we had a lot of fun.

Spidey-Sense AR: Using the same face-aligning photo format, a camera will capture your photo and transform one half of your face to a glowing flash and the other half will be covered by a Spider-Man mask so that you can “experience” the Spidey-Sense — the effect is similar to turning the lights on and off really fast.

Oscorp Badge: This is probably the most simple activity in the book. All you have to do is line your face up in the readymade badge and snap you photo, type in your name, and you are now an “official” intern. I was thankful to not have to deal with the Red Frame Outline here.

Crawling Spiders AR: This activity had the same face alignment function as the Glasses AR and experience the Spidey-Sense AR, but as you’re distracted by trying to line things up, 3 red spiders appear out of nowhere, and it’ a little freaky how they crawl across your face and hair and disappear into your hair — and then reappear around the other side of your face — it’s like an optical illusion that makes it look like they’re crawling in and out of your hair — talk about making your skin crawl!

Spidey Mask AR: Uses the Red Frame Outline method again (to line up the your facial proportions) in order to cover your whole face with a full mask. I have to say that this activity was really cool and definitely one of my favorites. You sort of feel like a reptile peering at your own reflection, sort of weird — but a interesting weird. The 3D mask reminds me of a basketball due to the pit-like, realistic texture.

I fondly remember watching Spiderman cartoons and loving them as a young girl (along with all the other super heroes of the ’70s era). Obviously, Spiderman has remained a classic and it’s great to see this classic super hero being experienced by kids of this generation through exciting Augmented Reality, Entertainment apps like Spider-Man AR Book HD. So, if your Spidey Senses are now tingling, download this app and find out what all the Spider-Man commotion is about. Mrs. Crazy Mike

Spider-Man AR Book HD iPad App Details

Title: Spider-Man AR Book HD
Price: $4.99
Size: 261.9 MB
Category: Books
Developer: Entertainment
Store: iTunes App Store

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Spider-Man AR Book HD - Disney

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Spider-Man AR Book HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

*Amazing Augmented Reality brings the Spider-Man story to life!
*Interact in the real world with on-screen elements!
*Experience Peter Parker’s transformation first-hand through games, exciting activities and more!

Peter Parker is just an average kid at Midtown Science High. He likes photography, has a crush on cheerleader Gwen Stacy, and is often bullied by star athlete Flash Thompson. But after discovering his father’s old briefcase, he begins a journey that will unlock the secrets of his past and shape his future. After a visit to Oscorp, Peter is accidentally bitten by a strange spider. Now, he has the ability to cling to ceilings, walk on walls, and leap great distances! Peter uses his new superpowers to become the Amazing Spider-Man and protect all of New York City!

Interactive Augmented Reality lets YOU become part of the story:
• SPIDEY MASK : Put on an augmented reality Spider-Man mask!
• GLASSES : Put on Peter’s Father’s augmented reality glasses!
• OSCORP BADGE : Make your own augmented reality badge!
• CRAWLING SPIDERS : Try to stop augmented reality spiders that crawl on your face!
• JAR OF SPIDERS : Collect augmented reality spiders in a jar!
• SPIDEY-SENSE : Become Spider-Man by experiencing his Spidey-Sense!
• SAVE & EMAIL these PHOTOS to your friends and family!

Featuring interactive art, photos, and activities directly from and inspired by the blockbuster film!

See and experience Spider-Man like you never have before…

Coming soon: French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean and Russian Language Audio and Text!

Please note: You need a forward-facing camera to enjoy some of the games. If you are experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769.

What’s new

Minor bug Fixes.

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