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SpinMe Alarm Clock – Guaranteed Wake Up is an innovative iPhone app for those who have a hard time waking up to a standard alarm clock each day. This iPhone Productivity app features no “Snooze” button on purpose. But you will find a simple and easy-to-use user interface and 2 quick setup buttons.

SpinMe Productivity iPhone Alarm Clock AppiPhone App, SpinMe Alarm Clock App

Set your desired wake up time and alarm sound, and you’re all set. You’ll have an option to wake up to the stock alarm or your own iTunes music, but there’s no option on how to shut this alarm off. Your participation is required in the SpinMe Alarm Clock – Guaranteed Wake Up app.

When the alarm goes off, you have to stand up, press 2 thumbs on the screen and spin in place twice to shut it off. That’s the only way. So, if you’re a hard sleeper and need some extra help getting out of bed each day, or looking for something different, the SpinMe Alarm Clock – Guaranteed Wake Up app may just be the alarm clock app you’re looking for.

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You can Get iPhone App Free, but hurry, there are only a limited number of downloads. As a courtesy to the developer for the Free app download, please leave a comment below or head over to iTunes and leave a review for this app there. Why? Because your opinion is important and this really helps out the developer. Thank you.

If the promo codes are no longer valid you can download the app below using the iTunes App Store link.

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