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Spirit of Math Drills – Helps To Keep The Tutor Away

Spirit of Math Drills is a math education app that focuses on building number proficiency through 5 fast-paced, repetitive math drills with up to 6 difficulty levels, and it tracks your progress as well. These drills help stimulate your mind and improve your math skills at the same time.

Spirit of Math Drills is based on a math method that has been around for years in Canada, but has recently become available on the iPad. The idea is to complete the math drills (included in this app) daily to cut your time down all while increasing your speed and score (number correct). Doing this over time (in just a few minutes a day) will help to improve your math proficiency.

Spirit of Math Drills iPad kids app reviews

The 5 math drills range from short addition 1×1 (1 digit by 1 digit) to short division 3×1 (3 digits by 1 digit). While this may not sound too difficult, each drill is timed and you must input the numbers into the cells for each problem according to the direction of the arrow given in the grid. At times inputing the answers based on the direction of the arrow seemed counterintuitive, but the over all goal is solid and is meant to sharpen your math skills — like a math ninja.

My favorite quote in the iTunes description for this application is as follows: “Just 1 drill a day will keep the tutor away.” How true that saying is, and trust me, I had to get a tutor in college for my freshman math classes, wish I had this app back then. The drills work from left to right and the number of problems or cells depends on the difficulty mode you’re in. Your progress is logged into a graph, which allows you to create goals for yourself to improve in areas that you may not be as good at.

Spirit of Math Drills iPad kids app reviews

Spirit of Math Drills also has multi-user capabilities, all you have to do is create a new user by tapping on the person icon in the upper left to add a new user — very simple. This feature makes this particular app perfect for use by classes, families, or groups. Spirit of Math Drills gave my brain a quick jump start towards some good brain training — and it can do the same for you. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application.

Spirit of Math Drills iPad App Details

Title: Spirit of Math Drills
Price: $2.99
Size: 11.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Spirit of Math Schools Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Spirit of Math Drills iPad App Download Link

Spirit of Math Drills - Spirit of Math Schools Inc.

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Spirit of Math Drills iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

★★★★★ rates Spirit of Math Drills 5/5
★★★★★ says “This app would even be perfect in the classroom.”
**Introductory Pricing: Now $2.99 until April 8th! Price then goes up to $3.99 on April 9.**

Take the fear out of math! These fast-paced drills will stimulate your mind, create an agile brain and dramatically improve your math skills in as little as 5 minutes a day. Students who have used these drills find their math at school that much easier. “Just 1 drill a day will keep the tutor away.”

Thousands of people have used these drills to gain fluency and automaticity in their number facts… taking the fear out of math.

The Spirit of Math Drills app allows multiple users to share the same iPad. The app records and tracks the progress of each user separately under their own name.

– Unlimited number of drills – people can use them until they have gained a desired proficiency
– 5 Drill Types – short addition, integer addition, short multiplication, integer multiplication, short division
– Up to 6 Difficulty Levels for each Drill Type
– Progress Graphs visibly track results so that the user is working toward a goal rather than doing a drill just to do a drill
– Multiple keypad interfaces to suit your style

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