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Spot The Difference App – Whacky and Fun Monster Puzzles

What do you get when you mix silly and unique cartoon monsters with catchy and fun music? You get a whacky and fun Spot The Difference App that the whole family can enjoy. Monster Difference (by Bilu Games) is a family-friendly “spot the difference” puzzle game featuring colorful monster characters, 45 monster levels and 3 difficulty settings to challenge even the sharpest eagle eyes in your group.

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Your overall playing objective in this spot the difference app is to find any and all differences between the 2 very similar monster pictures. Are you able to spot the extra spot on the mushroom, the dangling spider or tentacle? Or how about the monster missing a foot or several teeth? You’ll have to play to find out.

Although scary images usually come to mind when you think of monsters, that’s not the case in this awesome iPad and iPhone game. The artwork is vibrant and fun featuring humorously-crafted monsters in a variety of strange environments. And to make the gameplay even more challenging and fun, you only get 30 seconds to find all the differences before your time runs out.

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There are 15 monster characters for each level and each level difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard). And although you can start on any difficulty level, all images are locked except the first one. You’ll need to find all the differences in your 30 seconds to unlock the next monster image and also earn stars (1-3). This is not too hard at the Easy difficulty setting since you only have 3 differences to find, but as you move up to the Medium and Hard Settings, it’ll become much more challenging with 5 and 7 differences to find in your allotted 30 seconds.

iphone spot the difference app


It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to find 3 differences, but you’d be surprised. When I played Monster Difference for the first time, I actually struggled with the first few monsters on the Easy difficulty setting before gaining momentum. I personally enjoy the music, but if it’s distracting (or annoying) it can be turned off. A thoughtful feature added by the developer of the Monster Difference app is the “See The Differences Tab” that reveals all the items that you didn’t spot. Tap on this button and you’ll see the differences you missed. At times, it is quite a humbling experience. Some games you will blow right through finding all the differences without hesitation, even on Medium and Hard difficulty modes.

This spot the difference game has great replay value with the 15 monster puzzles, variety of difficulty levels, and option to keep playing to earn the top 3 stars for each puzzle. Also, the developer has created enough differences (randomly generated for each game) that you won’t play the same game twice, and this keeps the game unexpected.

Monster Difference is a whacky and fun monster puzzle game that will seriously challenge the whole family in fun find the difference gameplay.

11/22/13 – Monster Difference, regularly priced at $2.99 is currently free for a limited time. Grab this spot the difference app for free while you can (download link below).

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free or reduced in price.

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