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Spring Ahead, Daylight Saving App – More Than Time Change

Get ready to spring forward in the spring and fall back in the fall. That’s how most of us remember to set our clocks ahead 1 hour or change them back 1 hour each year for the seasonal Daylight Saving Time changes. This seasonal time-clock change happens all around the world and twice a year for most people, like it or not. The free SpringAhead iPhone and iPad app tells you the correct date and clock time to adjust your own clock to, depending on your geographic region. This Reference app not only provides the correct date and time to spring ahead or fall back, it also gives a nice 3D view of Earth, and lots of interesting and relevant Daylight Saving Time (DST) history, facts, and time change information.

This iOS Universal app gives you the proper time to spring ahead (or fall back) and delivers it in a simple and beautiful user interface. SpringAhead guides you around the app using 5 navigational areas: When? Map, Learn, Alert, and Share. The When and Where tab pinpoints your country location and beautifully displays your country name and time change info. Or you can type in a location using the country slide wheel index.



Switch over to the Map view to get a nice 3D model view of Earth. Spin the globe around and tap on each of the blue dots scattered across the various continents to locate several countries by name and find out which of these countries participate in DST. These Earthly points of light remind me of the Smule Magic Piano app. You can zoom out a bit for a closer look and the graphics are pretty appealing. However, tapping locations to retrieve information one after the other feels a little clumsy.

I hadn’t put much thought into the concept of Daylight Saving Time, but thankfully the developer of this SpringAhead iPhone and iPad has. According to the developer, “Approximately 70 countries utilize Daylight Saving Time in at least a portion of the country.” Obviously, not all locations participate and “Generally speaking, countries in higher latitudes have Daylight Saving Time, and countries near the equator do not.” And surprisingly, the US states of Alaska, Hawaii, and Arizona, among a few other territories do not spring ahead nor fall behind like the rest of us.

The Learn area tells you the rationale behind the spring ahead and fall behind clock-time changes. This area also provides nice photos and a wealth of information on the history relating to Daylight Saving Time. Find out why most of the world participates, and why places close to the equator or North and South Pole don’t. I especially enjoyed reading some of the interesting “Incidents & Anecdotes” which explain how DST has impacted our world events. You can set up reminder Alerts that’ll add dates to your calendar according to the app’s preset alerts. Select only the next time change, set for seasonal change, or for the next 10 years. And if you find DST that fascinating, why not share with family and friends through email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

The SpringAhead app is a great app to remind you, me and the rest of the world to set our clocks ahead or behind each year.

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