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Spud Gun Attack – Explosive Potato-Ninja Game!

Spud Gun Attack (by TyneSoft) is a simple physics-based puzzler where you’re shooting exploding spuds at the continually difficult-to-reach ninjas through 40 levels of gameplay. This game has a really simple goal: aim and fire, but the physics-based explosive spuds are not as easily maneuvered as one would think, which makes this a challenging game.

As with most casual iOS games, Spud Gun Attack starts off with the easier levels; the ninjas are placed behind objects like brick walls, fences, or in tunnels, which gradually increase in difficulty and become more challenging to correctly aim your spud and actually “take out” the ninjas. Your mission is to lightly place your exploding spud ammo with just the right touch and in just the right spot to blow up the ninjas — and doing so creates a healthy portion of ninja mashed potatoes. To accomplish this, you’ll pull back on your spud-gun-shooting hero to reveal an arrow that you can control, both direction and power.

Spud Gun Attack iPhone Games App ReviewsSpud Gun Attack iPhone Games App Reviews

The next part is where Spud Gun Attack gets challenging. Aiming your exploding spud takes accuracy, luck, and arrow power control to land the spud in just the right spot, or to drop it down the tunnel just so, or slip it in between the small crack to take out your ninja foes. While the 40 levels of gameplay may seem paltry, the challenging game levels make up for that. There are easy and normal game modes, and the difference between them is the number of spuds that you get to take out the ninjas with. Spud Gun Attack was created by a father and (young) son development team, and they have indicated that a game update is on the way which will include Apple Game Center for leader board scoring and achievements. Spud Gun Attack is an enjoyable casual physics potato-exploding-ninja-killing puzzler — Ready, Aim, Fire!!Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Spud Gun Attack iPhone App Details

Title: Spud Gun Attack
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 77.0 MB
Developer: TyneSoft Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Spud Gun Attack - TyneSoft Ltd

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Spud Gun Attack iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Its down to you to protect the world of Spud. Ninjas are on the loose and only you can stop them. You need to perfect your aiming and firing skills to prevent those pesky ninjas from taking over.

A beautiful physics based puzzler, with amazing artwork and sound effects.

A very simple concept…… Point > Aim > Fire

+ Beautiful Retina Display Graphics
+ Different Gameplay Difficulty Settings
+ Hours of Fun Gameplay

BE WARNED!!! Parts of this game will frustrate you, test you and push you to your limit. Have you got the skill to destroy those annoying ninjas?

Have you got what is takes?

Good Luck.

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