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Spun News App – Web News With An Entertaining Spin

The SPUN News app puts a fresh spin on the way the World Wide Web news is consumed on your mobile device. The SPUN: Top News & Culture app (by Broadcastr, Inc.) will help you find the hottest stories trending across the web. These trending stories come from a wide variety of entertainment and news sources. But the best thing about this app is how the news is delivered.


With just a quick turn or roll of a 3D cube, The SPUN: Top News & Culture iPhone app delivers top stories in one of the most imaginative ways I’ve come across for a news app. The SPUN iPhone News app lists stories on a virtual revolving cube, complete with cool sound effects after each action. The app categories and topics covered should appeal to a wide range of people from all walks of life.

You almost feel like you’re picking out a postcard while on vacation as you shuffle through the 3D display. The cube arranges stories into the following categories: Top Stories, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Intelligence. The most recent stories are listed first and the “Top Stories” category has the best from other categories. You can expect to see stories from sources such as the Business Insider, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, CNN, BuzzFeed, Consumerist, Betabeat, and the list goes on.



There are a lot of informative and good articles in the the SPUN News app. Stories are hand-picked by a team of real people and topics range from serious and thoughtful to downright absurd, highlighting the whackiest things imaginable. But hey, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

You’ll get the typical options to favorite and share stories on Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. And for some, there is a special feature to get your local news stories, however, only a handful of major cities are currently supported. But if you are included in this group, the SPUN News app has an interesting “Map View” feature that pins the GPS location of listed articles on an expandable map. From here, you can get driving directions and other relevant story details. This app also includes an option to get “Nearby Favorites Alerts.” These are push notifications that alert you when you’re near a venue location from a story you saved.

As mentioned before, these stories are hand selected. And according to developer’s FAQs, at least 1 new article is posted every ten minutes, but much less on the weekends. Another interesting point, the SPUN News app focuses on learning your likes over time as you use the app and adjusts the content accordingly. This personalization aspect reminds me of the Ness – Restaurant Recommendations app. Apparently, apps are getting smarter and the free SPUN: Top News & Culture app makes it a lot more entertaining too.

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*The Spun News iPhone app is no longer available in the US iTunes App Store.

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