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Star Defender 3 – Awesome Space Shooter Game, Galaga Roots (Video)

Star Defender 3 is an awesome shooter game that gets its roots from Galaga. But, this game has killer graphics and over 100 levels of intense gameplay as you blast your way through 8 ginormous missions.

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This top down shooter game has a “big time” Galaga feel, which will be easily recognized by any veteran gamer. Awem Studio has done a great job with the luscious graphics and awesome gameplay. This space shooter game gives you 3 lives to live, and more to gain. Your goal: complete the game before your lives run out. This is obviously much more difficult to do in reality. You’ll want to check out the above video to see the gameplay in action.

There are 100+ levels as you progress through the 8 huge missions. Aiding you are weapon power-ups, extra lives, and more. Star Defender 3 is available for the iPad and Android. I picked up the Star Defender app a week ago when it was free. We feature high-quality apps like this daily in our Get Apps Free section, and is why we suggest checking us out each day to find even more awesome free apps! .

Star Defender is a fantastic space shooter game any gamer would want to have on their iPad!


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