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– The AppStore is definitely not known for its Real-Time Strategy games, but Starfront: Collision meets and exceeds the normal standards of a mobile RTS title. As many know, Gameloft is notorious for developing games that look and feel almost exactly like other smash-hit games for different gaming consoles. Starfront: Collision is no different. The game is clearly modeled after Starcraft (which is a PC game). I am not opposed to this; in fact, I find it neat to be able to turn on my iPod and have something very similar to Starcraft waiting to be played. The game features three different factions for you to choose from, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, all three factions are balanced. This is crucial to an RTS, and Gameloft has nailed this perfectly. The different sci-fi environments look gorgeous on a retina display, and the sounds hold up very well too. Each faction can build 8 unique structures which are needed for creating units and gathering resources. Of course, each race can create different units, each with their own specialties. If you are someone new to RTS games, this app provides a decent tutorial, and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. The point of the game is to gather resources, use them efficiently by building different structures, and using the structures to build an army to take down the other players. The game plays very smooth and the controls are intuitive and work well. The online multiplayer works very well with this game too. It is connected via Gameloft Live and you can go head to head against your friends, or you can join a 4 player match with random people. Either way, it is a lot of fun to play against real people after you have beaten the campaign mode. This app is a must have for any RTS lover.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

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Title: Starfront: Collision
Cost: Free ($6.99 In-App Purchase for full game)
Category: Games
Developer: Gameloft
Store: iTunes App Store

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Starfront: Collision™ - Gameloft
iphone app review

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