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Real Life Quotes About Life – Status Quotes, Sayings, Lyrics and More!

Looking for a great iPhone quote app with status quotes, real life quotes, funny quotes and more that you can enjoy and share with others? Then the Status Quotes app has got you covered with all kinds of real life quotes about life. Status Quotes features 15 quote topics with a nice collection of quotes, sayings and song lyrics from famous musicians, TV characters, celebrities, philosophers, authors and more. These life quotes will inspire you, make you smile, and cause you to stop and ponder the big and small things in your life.

Real Life Quotes iPhone App Review

Status Quotes has an attractive and easy-to-use app interface that makes it a pleasure to read quotes, filter quotes, favorite quotes, and share these quotes on Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS. The developer, Very Ape, has even provided a great flip screen with icon information to help you. Status Quotes also does a nice job of displaying these real life quotes using simple but appealing graphics.

In this iPhone Entertainment app, you can view real life quotes one at a time by topic or theme in the 15 categories provided. These categories are: Age, Beauty, Change, Death, Dreams, Emotions, Fear, Forgiveness, Friendship, Life, Love, Music, Peace, Wisdom, and Witty. Or you can choose to view quotes using the Random or Popular categories for a wider range of real life quote topics.

iPhone App Review for the Real Life Quotes App

The Random selection gives a collective mix of quote types across all categories. The Popular selection shows you what is ranked as the “Top 20 Quotes.” But, if you find that the Popular quotes aren’t doing it for you, you can create a collection of your own favorites by simply tapping the “thumbs up” to add a quote to “Your Favourites” queue.

Since these real life quotes about life come from some of the greatest thought leaders, musicians, celebrities, TV characters, and wise unknowns, you’re bound to find some pearls of wisdom that resonate with you. I found a lot of great status quotes that would be good to share with others, especially on social sites. However, one thing that would make this iPhone quote app even better would be to categorize or label each person quoted according to what they’re known/famous for: are they musicians, artists, writers, politicians, philosophers, etc?

Aside from that, Status Quotes is a really nice app to find a great collection of quotes, sayings and lyrics from celebrities, musicians, philosophers and other inspirational people around the world.

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Real Life Quotes:

  • “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits,”Albert Einstein
  • “Fashion changes, but style endures,” Coco Chanel
  • “I’m a short term pessimist, long term optimist and an everyday realist,” Matt McNeill
  • “I’m easily satisfied with the very best,” Winston Churchill
  • “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” Bill Gates (so true!)

So, if you’re like most people and can’t get enough of these real life quotes about life, sayings, and lyrics, you’ll want to check out the Status Quotes Entertainment app for your iPhone.

Download The Status Quotes Real Life Quotes App Now!

*Status Quotes is no longer available for the US iTunes App Store, try

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