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Steampunk Tower, Tower Defense Game Reimagined (Video)

Steampunk Tower is a new and really cool out-of-the-box Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPad. This TD game has unique gameplay, an awesome steampunk tower, and plenty of killer upgradable turrets to destroy everything.

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Steampunk Tower Video App Review Link: Steampunk Tower iPad App Review (Video) (Gameplay)

Instead of imitating the 1,000s of similar games in the iTunes App Store, Steampunk Tower defies them by being completely unique. This well crafted TD game features only 1 tower, but it’s a big one! Instead of a maze-like TD game, Steampunk Tower puts you in the middle of a warzone with enemies coming at you from both sides.

Your tower has turret ledges, and as you advance in the game you will get more of these. Dreamgate Studios and Chillingo have done a great job coordinating the gameplay, sound effects and music to turn out one very cool gaming experience. Roll all that into the $0.99 price tag for this iOS Universal app and you get a winning iOS game.

Steampunk Tower is an awesome and reimagined Tower Defense game that is definitely a recommended play by CrazyMikesapps.

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