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Stickman Base Jumper – Insane iOS Gameplay

Stickman Base Jumper lets you daringly glide your way through 50 death-defying levels as a virtual base jumper dodging dangerous items along the way, dealing with wind while trying to land on your target.

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Robert Szeleney has created a variety of very successful “Stickman” games for the iPhone, such as Stickman Snowboarder, several Rope n’ Fly titles, and now this intense virtual base jumper game that is quite fun. I guess the motto “kiss” acronym applies to all of the “Stickman” titles, which is: Keep It Simple Stupid (or KISS). This game is definitely not overly complicated by any means, but does provide a lot of simple fun, challenging casual level gameplay, and intense moments as you try to figure out just the right time to tap to deploy the chute to save your stickman base jumper from his impending death.

Stickman Base Jumper iPhone App Review

The game starts at the top of a skyscraper and features a fearless stickman with a parachute, illegally jumping off of buildings. The ragdoll physics are done well in this game. For example, when you hit another object like a building, crane, or metal storage container your stickman base jumper will experience a sudden stop (all physics-like as well), representing a sudden loss of life.

Stickman Base Jumper Review for the iPhone App

Stickman Base Jumper is a blast and is one of my favorite “Stickman” game for the iPhone or iPad by Robert Szeleney.

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App Review for an iPhone Stickman Game

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