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Stickman Game, Crash Cart Races Onto The iTunes App Store (Video)

Rev up your engines and get ready to “crash” your way through Crash Cart, a new “stickman game” for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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App Overview

If you like “stickman games” or “doodle games” you will enjoy Crash Cart by Appsomniacs. This cart-crashing, physics puzzle-racing game features various carts that you can race, as well as upgrades for those carts. Once you have your cart picked out, you head over to the various racing areas to get started: Trials, Featured, Popular, New, and Favorite.

In these racing areas you will find both free and paid tracks to race on, many of which have whacky designs. That is because you can create your own Crash Cart tracks using the Track Editor. The Track Editor has everything you will need to create insane tracks from start to finish. And what you choose to add in between doesn’t matter as long as it is a raceable track. When done, you can submit your track to the Crash Cart community for others to race. And once it is approved, you will see your name along with your track under one of the racing area sections.

The best part about this game is the huge crashes! The idea behind this Crash Cart game is to finish as fast as you can. The finish does not have to be pretty, in fact, most finishes involve a good crash. That’s part of the fun. This stickman game is a free iOS Universal app, but you can earn coins through gameplay and by purchasing coins through in app purchase. To earn coins all you have to do is complete a race, which is easier than it looks at times. However, you will need to spend money to unlock Popular and Featured race tracks, as well as others.

Overall, Crash Cart is a really fun game that has a wide variety of stickman-like racetracks that usually involve explosions or tricky physics puzzles to solve to reach the finish line. If you want to race on 1,000s of crazy cart tracks, you can download the Crash Cart game using the iTunes App Store link below.

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Developer: Appsomniacs
Free iOS Universal Games app, Costs: Free, v 1.0
Crash Cart
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 02/19/2014
Fun 2D stickman racing game with loads of awesome crashes!
4 / 5 stars

iPad App Crash Cart ReviewApp Review for Stickman Game Crash Cart for iPadiPad Doodle Game App Review Video

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