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Stickman Snowboarder, Sick, Off-The-Hook iOS Game Fun!

Arm yourself with 1 of several snowboarders and trick your way through 4 game packs, 60 levels, and 1000’s of trick combinations in Stickman Snowboarder (by Traction Games). Stickman games “rock” on the iPhone, and Traction Games delivers another hit with this iPhone and iPad games app. Other than it being the middle of summer (especially here in Florida where were are still dodging hurricanes), the game release seems untimely since it’s a winter-themed game, but then again, who really cares?

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The game debuted on 06/10/12, and started off rather shaky, then around July 31, 2012, it began its ascent into the top ranks reaching the top 10 iPhone apps overall paid. Why? Because this game is simple easy fun, with decent 2D graphics and fun sounds. There is also enough game content (4 game packs with 60 levels) to make a $0.99 purchase worth it.

There is also a FREE iPhone version Stickman Snowboarder Free and iPad version both paid and FREE. The game features a simple speed button on the lower left (tap to go faster) and a jump/trick button on the bottom right that guides your snowboarder through themed game packs like a City, Lumber Yard, and etc. where the object is to have no “Slams” (crashes), grab all the stars and tokens. There are tricks upon tricks that are awesome and some specific to the different snowboarders. Well, I guess they are not all snowboarders, technically. There is a sled guy, skier, but my all time favorite is Blingman who provides double score and double lives, but he is only available through in app purchase.

Stickman Snowboarder iPhone App Review

I had a blast playing for the Stickman Snowboarder App Video Review, using the stock snowboarder, the sled boarder and Blingman. Lots of action and it is not easy to get all 3 scoring criteria met in the mid to later levels of each game pack, which gives you a chance to play levels again and you will want to. I love the Lumber Yard game pack, but I would like to see more than the stickman fallen of the screen when he hits a chimney or a huge saw blade. How about some blood splatter for the saw blade and an instant stop and birds around his head for hitting the chimney? This little improvement could go for all game packs, and I want more levels, which are apparently already in consideration. This game is worth the buck spent and if you have an iPad you may want to spend $2 to get the HD version for this “sick, off-the-hook” iOS game.

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Stickman Snowboarder iPhone App Details

Title: Stickman Snowboarder
Price: $0.99
Size: 24.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Traction Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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