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Stickman Tennis – Best iPhone and Android Tennis Game Ever (Video)

Stickman Tennis is currently the very best arcade tennis game for both the iPhone and Android. This Sports Game comes with competitive world-wide rankings that will challenge even the best gamer!

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Robert Szeleney is the mastermind behind the hit “stickman apps.” Stickman Tennis is yet another hit for Szeleney. While many other “stickman” games have come and gone from the iTunes top 200 iPhone apps, Stickman Tennis should stick for a while. The reason? Stickman Tennis is currently the best arcade tennis game in any app store.

The game is priced at only $0.99 and features mega amounts of tennis gameplay. But, the very best piece of work in this game is the difficulty. You can either play as a newbie using the easy controls, as I did in the Stickman Tennis app video. Or you can ditch the auto run and “run with the bulls” in the much more challenging game mode.

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There are 64 challenging competitions, including 5 difficulty levels, and 3 overall difficulty levels. The key to this game is the game controls. The execution of gameplay is awesome using the virtual joystick to aim and 3-hold to power tennis hits during gameplay.

Stickman Tennis is currently “the only” awesome arcade tennis game for the iPhone and Android.

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Stickman Tennis iPhone App ReviewiPhone App Review for Stickman Tennis

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  1. Rohit Ramchandani says:

    isnt this game a pure copy of tennis tour by clinton gugrel??

    • Actually it may have been the other way around because Clinton’s game is not in iTunes anymore?

      • Rohit Ramchandani says:

        yes i noticed its not thr anymore… but tennis tour came almost 2-3 yrs back.. and this game above which has recently been launched looks exactly like that! even the gameplay, the scoreboard on top-left….gosh everything!!

        • Not certain, but the Stickman Tennis developer is very protective of his app and stickman titles. That being said there are other stickman tennis games like Ace Stickman Tennis, weird!!