StickyBalls Classic, A New Take On The Original 2005 Sticky Balls Game!

Stick Balls comes to iOS as StickyBalls Classic

The original Sticky Balls game from 2005 comes to the iOS platform as the new free-to-play game, SticykBalls Classic. Sticky Balls has a few similarities to pool, but also includes a variety of twists that make this game an unique and addictive arcade strategy game.

StickyBalls Classic, new free-to-play iOS Game

StickyBalls Classic Game Overview

StickyBalls Classic has 2 game modes, Classic and Arcade. But before you can wrap your arms around the 2 game modes, a brief understanding of this rather addictive game is in order first. StickyBalls Classic gameplay is similar to pool in that you use a cue to shoot balls; you cannot hit another color ball first before hitting a like-colored ball. And you have to make contact with a like-colored ball when taking a shot. While StickyBalls Classic uses several foundational pool rules, overall it is a very unique and challenging game.

In either game modes of StickyBalls Classic, your objective is to shoot “sticky balls” of like color at each other to form “sticky ball” clusters. You can also choose to shoot any ball on the table. For example, you can shoot a cluster of sticky balls or shoot a single sticky ball, each turn based on the availability of sticky balls on the table. What makes this game super challenging is the limited number of shots you get for either game mode, Classic or Arcade.

App News, StickyBalls Classic now avaialbe for the iPhone and iPad

Classic Game Mode

The Classic game mode features level gameplay and is focused on endurance. Each Classic game starts off on a very easy level, but progressively gets much harder the more levels you pass. During this gameplay you have to clear each level using the limited number of shots you get. You can increase your bonus multiplier by hitting the bumper before hitting a like-colored ball (the more you do the more the bonus). And there are pickups to help you clear levels and score more points. Arcade game levels can be unlocked by successful, prolonged Classic mode gameplay. Classic game mode also includes bonus rounds that are not required to successfully be completed, but will ramp up your score.

Original Sticky Balls game comes to iOS as StickBalls Classic

Arcade Game Mode

Arcade game mode features 6 different game worlds with your objective to clear all balls from the table, while scoring as many points as possible within the given number of shots. Each game starts with a certain number of balls on the table, with a total of 30 balls that need to be removed for the first Arcade game mode. There are 2 additional Arcade game modes, most likely more difficult, but as already mentioned, these must be unlocked while playing the Classic game mode.

StickyBall Classic Gameplay

I hate the cliche that says “this game is addictive,” but with StickyBalls Classic it is true – this game is addictive. However, figuring out the rules may require you to play a few games, but there are extremely good hints via tutorial information in the form of exclamation marks “!” that appear to help you learn how to play the game.

You will quickly find the balls have a realistic physics movement that requires finesse when shooting with your adjustable powered pool cue. You will also find shooting large clusters of balls may not work out exactly as you thought since balls are held together by struts of sticky goo. The best part about StickyBalls Classic, other than the gameplay itself, is that this game is completely free-to-play. Ads can be removed through a $0.99 in-app purchase, but other than that you can either play completely for free or remove ads if they bug you, or you want to reward the developer for creating a really nice game.

You can get your free copy of StickyBalls Classic using the iTunes App Store download link below.

Download The Sticky Balls Game StickyBalls Classic Now!

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