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Straightforward Fun – Numbers & Math Kids’ Education App

Kids Numbers and Math (by Intellijoy) is an application for young children that presents math learning in a simple and straightforward way, but with lots of engaging fun. This math learning iOS universal app game was specifically created for pre-school age and early-elementary age children to help introduce them to numbers, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction, and some more advanced math (addition/subtraction) skills. There is also a matching number game to reaffirm number comprehension. The graphics and navigation are very clean, colorful and simplified allowing children to stay on task in the math learning game they are in, but does include some cool extras for added interest and fun, such as the “shake” feature present in just about every game mode. Children can shake the device in Learning Numbers, and each time they do, they get a little something different in respects to the visual graphics for the number they are learning, and this carries on into the other learning games as well, providing for some amusing discoveries for each mode.

Kids Numbers and Math kids education iPhone app reviewsKids Numbers and Math kids education iPhone app reviews

There is a pleasant-sounding teacher that appears from time-to-time on screen, but is always there verbally with an encouraging word, especially if a child provides a wrong answer. The sounds are fun and enjoyable; my favorite sound effects are heard when invisible bites are taken out of the apples in the subtraction game and also the hot air balloon sounds. Each math learning game is customizable in this app allowing for parents to tailor their child’s math learning. Kids Numbers and Math is a very nice, simple, and straightforward app for introducing arithmetic basics to young children in an appealing and fun approach. This application is now FREE, so pickup your own copy of this kids’ education app for your child today. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Kids Numbers and Math FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Kids Numbers and Math
Price: FREE (price drop)
Category: Education
Size: 13.4 MB
Developer: Intellijoy
Store: iTunes App Store

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Kids Numbers and Math - Intellijoy

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Kids Numbers and Math FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Help your preschool and early elementary school children learn their numbers and master basic arithmetic skills with Kids Numbers and Math. Over a million children have already played Kids Numbers and Math and it is finally available in the App Store. Featured by the New York Times, this package of brightly designed, pleasantly narrated number recognition and math games is made with little hands and budding mathematicians in mind.

With its large, easily readable numbers and a bright, simple color palette, Kids Numbers and Math promises to keep your child’s attention with kid-friendly backgrounds including hot air balloons, orchards, and an old-fashioned black board.

A pleasant-sounding teacher guides, encourages, and congratulates the children as they progress through the activities. A series of exciting sound effects punctuates your child’s taps and salutes them with uplifting chimes each time the problem is successfully completed, an option parents can customize within the app’s preferences menu.

Kids Numbers and Math includes activities specifically designed to improve skills kids’ math skills. Sections include:

– Counting
Children can learn their numbers from 1 to 20 by counting up, or down, using the app’s large, kid-friendly back and forward buttons. Parents can choose to have the numbers spoken in one of eight languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese) and set the numbers to appear sequentially or randomly.

– Recognizing and Comparing Numbers
Two activities specifically encourage your child’s number comparison and recognition skills: Find the Largest Number and Find the Smallest Number. With each game, a series of hot air balloons descend from the top of the screen and bob up and down. The narrator encourages the child to pick the balloon with the largest or the smallest number.

The constant motion and varying number of the balloons, from two to four, along with the large number range, from 1 to 99, promotes concentration and quick thinking.

– Finding a Match
Parents can encourage their child’s memory skills with the Find a Match game. Based on the classic turn-over tile memory game format, children are prompted to find the matching numbers hiding beneath a field of cloud-shaped tiles. The number of clouds can be set in the context menu for this activity.

– Learning Addition and Subtraction
Two activities guide children through the basics of addition and subtraction using apples and pears, and a third, advanced exercise, combines the two.

Children are given a problem to solve, four answer choices, and visual clues to help them find the right answer.

The advanced exercise provides a series of combined addition and subtraction problems with numerals ranging from 1 to 99. The multiple choice format of the addition and subtraction games stays the same, but this activity eliminates visual references– no orchard fruit to help your child figure out the right answer.

If you want your child to learn math – and enjoy it – you’ll love Kids Numbers and Math, and so will your little one!

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