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Stretch The Puzzle – Uniquely-Fresh Mosaic Puzzle Game!

Stretch The Puzzle (by Lopatatech) is a fresh puzzle game that will challenge your memory recall when solving the over 200 photo puzzles of varying difficulty, while playing through 10 different-themed level game packs. Like puzzles? Then, you’re going to love this new mosaic puzzler that takes a real photo and distorts it into several pieces that may be stretched or pulled, making pieces look, well, like they shouldn’t fit or look like they could possibly fit into any puzzle. Upon opening this app you are struck with some very colorful word graphics and comfortable folksy music that will peak your interest and make you want to play the game. Once you delve a little deeper, you may be surprised to find that you may not get what you think you will when you tap on one of the 10 puzzle theme game packs inside this iPad game application. Each themed-puzzle pack has a well-done animated icon representing the theme and gives the illusion that the puzzles within are animated. Surprisingly, the puzzles are not animated, but are actual photos having to do with the represented theme icon itself: cars, birds, flowers, and the like.

Stretch The Puzzle iPad Game App ReviewStretch The Puzzle iPad Game App Review

Stretch The Puzzle has 3 difficulty levels for all puzzle packs providing for a great deal of gameplay for puzzle players of all ages. What I found most intriguing about this puzzle game is the enjoyment factor that I got from it, and while the puzzles are challenging, they are not the out-of-reach-hard that makes you want to toss your iPad across the room. They are thought-provoking, like the one puzzle of a cityscape water photo that took me a little over 9 minutes to complete. This game is well-made all the way around, rightly priced, and provides good interesting fun for just about everyone. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Stretch The Puzzle iPad App Details

Title: Stretch The Puzzle
Price: $0.99
Size: 93.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Lopatatech
Store: iTunes App Store

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Stretch The Puzzle - Sergey Kalinin

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Stretch The Puzzle iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Pack your iPhone full of puzzles!

Stretch The Puzzle is a mosaic-based puzzle game that offers more than 200 pictures and 10 different

themes, all wrapped around our unique form-stretching mechanics; you’re not just moving puzzle pieces around, but dynamically resizing them to fit as well! It may sound difficult, but the game’s simple design and easy-to-understand interface will have you solving puzzles in no time.

Stretch The Puzzle is true fun for the entire family. It is not only a kids puzzle game but it can be also a good pastime for adults. Kids will see their logic and problem-solving
capabilities increase, while the game’s content controls keep a “Chinese wall” between their puzzles and those more suitable for grownups.
Need to take a break during game play?

Don’t worry: each round is concise but still challenging, with niceties like animated backgrounds,
peaceful background music, and the ability to view or hide outline frames on each puzzle piece.

Can’t figure out the game play? Switch to training mode and practice to your heart’s content. Share your results with friends on Facebook or Twitter as the best puzzle maker. Even send comments, critiques, and suggestions for future puzzles from inside the app! Stretch The Puzzle: it’s simple, memorable, and you’ll fall in love with it.
I bet Stretch The Puzzle’s number one among other puzzle games!

“I found myself coming back for more after completing each puzzle, with just enough entertainment on hand to keep me occupied in queues and the like, though I could never see myself sitting and playing for longer than a few minutes at a time. Longevity though, is king.” –

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– optimized app size

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