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Dr Seuss Game, Play A Fun Seuss Instrument With The Dr Seuss Band App! (Video)

Dr Seuss Band is a fun and imaginative Dr Seuss musical game that will capture your child’s attention for hours on the iPhone and iPad. One of my favorite days of the year is March 02nd, which is Dr Seuss’s birthday. I guess it’s because it brings back great memories from my childhood of all those Dr Seuss books that were so zany, imaginative, and funny.

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With mobile technology exploding, specifically with apps, Dr Seuss has become available for new generations to enjoy in a new format. The Dr Seuss Band app is an iOS Universal Games app with an entertaining and original musical game that retains the same fun style of Dr Seuss Books.

Dr Seuss Band fun Kids Dr Seuss App

Dr Seuss Game Overview

The Dr Seuss Band app has 2 ways to play music, includes 10 original songs, and 5 horn instrument variations (Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Clarinet, and French Horn). There are also 10 different horn effects and the ability to mix and match horns for an overall total of 120 horn combinations. The musical game includes 3 difficulty levels. And, Dr Seuss Band also comes with 26 unlockables for Horns, Effects and Songs through achieved high scores.

Upon opening this Dr Seuss app you will be greeted with a huge, weird-looking musical horn instrument. This horn is no ordinary musical instrument – this is a one-of-a-kind Dr. Seuss Band instrument. There are 3 parts to this splendid musical contraption, each of which can be swiped up or down, changing the instrument piece as well as the sound. At the bottom of the screen below the funky horn instrument are colored notes to tap on. Each note when tapped on has a different sound. There are 3 different sets of notes overall, and all are accessed by left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. This musical instrument is insanely imaginative and can be used 2 different ways, either through free-play or by playing a tap-the-note musical game.

iPhone App Review for Dr Seuss Game, Dr Seuss Band

Musical free-play pretty much speaks for itself. Free-play has no rules; kids, parents or anyone else can tap the notes, change the horn, and create their own music. However, if you are looking for additional entertainment, you’ll want to play the very fun Dr Seuss game. The game portion of the Dr Seuss Band app features numerous Dr Seuss songs. These songs, of course, come from the most famous Dr Seuss kids’ books like The Cat In The Hat and There’s A Wocket In My Pocket.

After you familiarize yourself with this whacky horn, you will quickly want to start playing the game. Three Dr Seuss songs come unlocked with the initial app purchase, and 7 other songs can be unlocked by reaching achievements or through in app purchase (All Songs $3.99). Each song has 3 difficulty modes, and the unlocked songs that come with the app have the Hard difficulty mode locked. Unlocking the Hard difficulty mode as well as the locked songs requires specific scores to be achieved for different songs. There are also additional pieces to the horn and sound effects that can be purchased through in app purchase (Horns & Effects $4.99). And, Songs, Effects, and additional Horn pieces can be purchased for a $7.99 value, or individually for $0.99 each.

Dr Seuss Band, Fun Kids Musical Game App

How To Play Dr Seuss Band

Playing the musical game is very easy and a lot of fun to do. Just pick your song, difficulty level, and get ready to start tapping the notes as they flow from the top down. Each note has a different amount of time required to keep pressing down on the note before letting go. The object of the game is to tap the notes as accurately as possible, scoring the most points possible. For fun, you can swipe and change the horn during gameplay, but the set of notes you select before the game starts cannot be changed once a game begins. When you do well and hit the notes without missing, you will get accolades from the familiar “Thing” character. I’m not sure if it’s Thing 1 or Thing 2? But it adds to the fun and whackiness of this original Dr Seuss game nonetheless.

Dr Seuss Band is a great Games app that allows kids to unleash their imagination through a fun musical game that’s inspired by one of the most creative children’s storytellers ever! Dr Seuss Band is currently only available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can use the links below to download this fun Seuss instrument now!

Dr Seuss Game iPad App Review

Download The Dr Seuss Band App Now, A Fun Dr Seuss Game!



Developer: Oceanhouse Media
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $0.99, v 1.2
Dr Seuss Band
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/01/2014
This is an original and fun Dr Seuss game where kids tap notes to play music with a whacky one-of-a-kind horn!
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of more than 360 mobile and desktop apps for iOS (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®), Android™, NOOK Tablets™, Kindle Fire™, HP TouchPad™ and Windows 8 devices. The company’s mantra is “Creativity with Purpose,” developing apps that uplift, educate and inspire.

Based in Encinitas, California, Oceanhouse Media was founded in January 2009 by Michel Kripalani, a veteran of the video gaming industry. Kripalani gained notoriety as a founder and the CEO of Presto Studios, creators of The Journeyman Project series and Myst III: Exile.

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