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Stunt Star, Hilarious Physics Smash and Crash Puzzle Game (Video)

Stunt Star The Hollywood Years is a funny Physics Puzzle Game that has everything! This Action Game has stunts, chicks, well maybe not the chicks, but it does have 76 levels of hilarious gameplay that is sure to put a smile on your face. The gameplay is simple: just press the gas, know when to brake, draw a good ramp and stop between the red flags. But alas, this game is not that simple. The “stunts” start out stupid simple, but quickly become much harder putting your puny human brain to the test.

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The physics puzzle gameplay is enough to make Stunt Stars a great Android game. But it’s the silly Hollywood director that continues to cheer this game on, especially when you are struggling on a level.

Stunt Stars The Hollywood Years is an entertaining and light-hearted physics puzzler game that is both funny and challenging!

Stunt Star The Hollywood Years is, of course, available for free from Google Play for Android devices. This app is also available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for $0.99. You can download this app using the links below and challenge yourself to some fun smash and crash puzzle gameplay!


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