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Subway Surfers Game, Free Android Endless Runner Fun! (Video)

The Subway Surfers game lets you virtually run from the cops throughout the subway yards of the world in this fast paced endless runner Android game.

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This cross platform freemium endless runner game starts out each game with your character getting busted by a cop for tagging a subway train with graffiti. Naturally, you take off running and that’s the game, run, run, run, and don’t get caught by the Cops. There are a lot of power-ups to help you escape the copper’s grasp, but the longer you run the quicker you will have to be to dodge stuff. Dodge trains, barricades, and collect as many gold coins as you can to get new stuff, like boards.

Subway Surfers is a fantastic, fun, fast paced “pick-up-and-play” endless runner game app that provides an awesome casual game experience.

Be on the lookout for different city subway and train yards to run through with the regular updates Kiloo is providing for this game.

Subway Surfers Android App Review

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Android App Review for the Subway Surfers GameEndless Runner Game Android App Review

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