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Subway Surfers Video, How Far Can You Run In This Endless Runner?

This Subway Surfers video shows you the new how this endless runner game plays, takes a look at some of the power-ups and shows lots of gameplay.

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There is also a new character named Roberto who is an Italian native and rides a scooter. In the Subway Surfers game you can also collect 100 Easter Eggs to unlock the special “Chicky” board! My favorite part of the newest Subway Surfer update is the cop who is now dressed as an Easter Bunny.

Kiloo Games does a good job of keeping Subway Surfers fresh. They are also quite giving with in game power-ups and mystery boxes that give you stuff. Subway Surfers works on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. And it’s free for all.

Subway Surfers Bullet Summary

Kiloo continues to provide updated and new content for Subway Surfers as well as new characters, boards and more to keep this endless runner games app fresh.

Subway Surfers iPad App Review

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