Sun by KIDS DISCOVER – Quality Science App For Kids

KIDS DISCOVER, a trusted name in educational resources, brings a quality science app to the iPad with its Sun by KIDS DISCOVER app. The star of this Education app, and the Earth’s solar system, is the life sustaining Sun.



Kids will explore and learn all about the sun; its importance in early history, today, and in the near future. But there’s nothing boring about the Sun by KIDS DISCOVER app, which includes amazing interactive 3D models, stimulating visuals, animations, and sounds. This educational app also includes themed activities that will engage kids in a hands-on project, word search puzzle, sliding puzzle cube, and silly kid-friendly quizzes. And to expand the learning, there are extra website and reading resources included.

Sun by KIDS DISCOVER app usually sells for $3.99, but this New & Noteworthy app is free for a limited time. You can download it using the App Store link below.

Sun by KIDS DISCOVER App Features

To us here on Earth, the Sun is hugely important. Without it, our world would be a frozen rock wandering in space. Learn all about how the Sun gives us food, energy, seasons, weather, calendars, flowers, light, air, and some really wicked sunburns!

In this app you’ll learn about:
• Different Size Stars in our Galaxy
• How a Star is Born
• The Sun’s Core
• Solstice vs. Equinox
• A “Spacial” Relationship
• Sun Worshipers
• A Sunny Future?

Features include:
• Interactive 3-D models
• High-definition video and audio
• Hi-res photographs, cartoons, and animations
• Easy-to-read, accessible writing
• Quizzes, puzzles, and other fun games
• Plus…optimized for the iPad Retina display

KIDS DISCOVER has been creating award-winning content for kids for over 20 years. KIDS DISCOVER apps are always AD-FREE.

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If you like the Sun by KIDS DISCOVER app be sure to download this app now using the links below before it goes back to paid!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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