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Super Bowl App: Pocket Bowl Has Total Super Bowl Info!

The Super Bowl app, Pocket Bowl (by PixelDJ) is a Sports app that has everything you want to know about past and present Super Bowls — including the funny commercials that we all look forward too. All Super Bowls (from 1 to 47) are included, featuring game stats, location, MVP, as well as Facts, Records, and a Fun tab that includes Super Bowl commercials from 2010 to 2013. Yes, most 2013 Super Bowl ads are already out so with this app you will get a sneak preview of this year’s Super Bowl ads. The Fun tab also has a random “shake your iPhone” to get a trivia fact, which could actually be a fun Game Day trivia game. The first trivia fact I got was: “50 million dollars is spent on food for the Super Bowl” — Wow, we are pigs!

The Facts tab provides MVP information, starting QB’s, sites including attendance, referees, anthem performers, halftime shows, TV ratings & ad costs, betting odds, and head coaches, which is just about every bit of information you could want about a football game. But, the Super Bowl is more than just another game. Right? Yes, the Superbowl is the most watched sporting event in the world and this Super Bowl app has you covered. Another awesome navigation tab in this app is the Records tab that has all of the Super Bowl record holders like Joe Montana, John Elway, Tom Brady, Mike Lodish, Roger Craig and many others. If you’re like me you have no idea who Mike Lodish is, well he holds the Super Bowl Record for most Super Bowl appearances by a player — 6 Super Bowls.


Pocket Bowl costs $0.99 and is the only Super Bowl app that I could find (free and paid) that had the most accurate Super Bowl commercials, while they only go back to 2010, that is good enough for me. For some reason I am drawn to funny commercials,but to be honest, not all the commercials in this app are funny. They are actually ads that played during the Super Bowl of that year and I cannot verify if they are all inclusive for those of you stat tracking.

So who are you rooting for? I am rooting for the Detroit Lions, but since they aren’t playing, I am rooting for the Baltimore Ravens. Who is your choice team? Leave a comment below.

If you want a chance to grab this Super Bowl app for free, help yourself to 1 of the 5 promo codes provided by the developer, and please leave a comment when taking a code so others know!

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