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Super Harry HD – Learn How To Overcome A Bad Day

Super Harry HD (by PicPocket Books) is an encouraging and funny story (for young children) about a boy named Harry who happens to be having a bad week, that is until he decides to make a change for the better giving him a whole new perspective for the world around him. Harry’s week begins with a series of unfortunate mishaps that continue until he decides that he’s had enough. With a brand new attitude and conscious actions on his part, he finds that the following week unfolds in a much better way. Super Harry HD is one of those stories where the old “simple is better” adage applies. Everything about this book is simple and that’s why it is so appealing to me. This book’s well-done graphics and classic style harken me back to the simplicity of traditional storybooks. Yes, there are some animations throughout the story and a sprinkle of interactive opportunities, but not a lot compared to most other iPad kids’s books, which makes for a more focused and uncluttered reading experience.

Super Harry HD iPad Kids Book app reviewSuper Harry HD iPad Kids Book app review

The casual, laid-back feel of the book puts you at ease immediately — there’s nothing flashy about the presentation and that is the appeal. The artwork is nice hand drawn, colored pencil illustrations that really come to life when the animation and interactive opportunities are activated. Simple right and left swipes turn each page for ease of navigation and there are no extra links or areas for kids to get lost in this app — allowing them to focus on the story. The settings’ area is accessed by a little button on the bottom right of the page, and there are only 2 other buttons in the App Settings to either turn on or off the audio and word-highlighting function. If you keep the audio on it creates a more stimulating reading experience, but if you prefer to read to your child or let your child read to you, that’s always a nice option. If left on, the optional highlight feature lights up each word on the page (both when audio is on or off). I personally like the highlighting word mode for clueing emerging readers so that they will begin to recognize words and develop a fluid pace for reading. Super Harry HD (Super Harry’s Rotten Luck) is a simply appealing story with a funny and encouraging storyline that demonstrates how positive attitude and actions can make a huge difference on how you relate to the world around you. To see how Harry does that, watch the video app demo. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Super Harry HD iPad App Details

Title: Super Harry HD
Price: $1.99
Size: 58.8 MB
Category: Books
Developer: PicPocket Books
Store: iTunes App Store

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Super Harry HD - PicPocket Books

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Super Harry HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

Super Harry’s Rotten Luck
By Nina Lim

Overview: Have you ever had a day – or a WEEK – of rotten luck? Harry can’t believe how one boy could have so much rotten luck. So he decides to do something about it…with surprising results. Super Harry’s Rotten Luck is a funny and uplifting tale about how changing your actions can change your luck!

About this App:
PicPocket Books brings quality children’s picture book literature to digital media. Now, children can enjoy their favorites stories on-the-go, even when they do not have a physical book to read. Parental Notification: This app collects no personal data, contains no ads, In-app-puchases, or social network integration. The app links to the iTunes App Store for the option to see more family-friendly, educational apps from PicPocket Books and Kids Math Fun.

This interactive CHILDREN’S STORYBOOK app promotes EARLY LEARNING and helps your children develop READING skills by connecting the audio words and sounds with the written word on the page.

PicPocket Books offer a unique and new experience, combining the beauty of quality picture books with audio recordings and interactive visual text. This combination enables independent enjoyment for children regardless of reading level, subtle support for early readers, and nostalgic fun for adults.

Whether standing in a grocery line, taking a car trip, or waiting in a doctor’s office, PicPocket Books provide personal, interactive story experiences. The books can be downloaded with one click or tap, and provide educational and entertainment value to children and adults alike.

Your PicPocket Book is a perfect complement to regular story time with parents or grandparents, and a gentle alternative to flashy, fast-paced digital media time.

high fidelity, full-color illustrations that stay true to the original print book
high quality audio recording
Learn-to-read highlighting feature
Animated details and audio hot spots emphasize the storyline
turn pages with an easy swipe

Language: English
PicPocket Books is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 3-6, 6-10

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