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Superior Spelling App-Simplex Phonics Advanced Phonograms

Simplex Spelling Phonics – Advanced Phonograms is a power-house spelling app for kids, and features 750+ spelling words, 52 lessons, the ability to support up to 40 users — including individual user progress tracking! This kids’ Education app is another great addition to the Simplex Spelling App titles such as: Simplex Spelling Phonics 2, Simplex Spelling Phonics 1, and Simplex Spelling HD – Learn How To Spell Dolch Sight Words With Reverse Phonics. As with the other Simplex Spelling apps, this app is definitely designed with kids in mind.

The navigation for this app is very intuitive and easy to follow. A big plus for parents is that there are no in app purchases (IAP), social media links leading out of the app, 3rd party ads, nor potential distractions or pitfalls that would hinder a child’s learning — nor expose them to a potential safety issue. This Education app has a very well done introduction that precedes the 52 spelling lessons. The introduction provides a complete tutorial for all the buttons, keyboard, and overall objective and explanation of phonograms that kids will be using/learning. The introduction has 11 different words to spell, each with an explanation relevant to the use of this application. Going through this application, I found it to be a very smooth way to teach kids a lesson within a lesson — quite brilliant. Beyond the introduction in the settings, there is a “button key” that explains all buttons in both text and audio narration.


Pyxwise Software Inc. has also made this app relevant to kids with special learning needs by providing lots of touch learning options (drag and drop, tap to type, colored letter cells), as well as the inclusion of both audio and text content. The 52 spelling lessons can either be learned in practice or mastery mode. The mastery settings are the number of times a user has to spell a word correctly before they get a star, and get the word placed on the mastery word list. There are other user settings that allow for individual profile customization for language, success message, and more useful setting options to choose from. This Education app is also a fantastic learning tool for a school, church, family or group learning setting because it allows for up to 40 unique individual profiles, each with its own progress tracking, which is a very useful feature to have. This is a standard feature found in applications by this developer.

If there is a spelling app brand that I would recommend to parents or teachers for ease of use, value, and quality of learning content, it would be the Simplex Spelling Phonics spelling apps — which includes this particular app.

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