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Survival Run with Bear Grylls – Awesome TR Knockoff!

Survival Run with Bear Grylls will have you running through the wild with the famous survivalist jumping, leaping, sliding, and collecting coins along the way in a Temple Run inspired endless runner game. While you may not know the name, you probably have stumbled across his show Man vs. Wild on the Discovery channel featuring Bear Grylls. He is best known for being dropped off in extreme locations and conditions showing us all how to survive animal attacks, inclement weather, how to live off the land, and other survivalist skills that you would need to know in order to survive.

One of the nastiest things that I saw when watching an episode was a time when he was in search of water and promptly demonstrated how you can squeeze the water out of……wait for it……elephant poo (definitely gross, I have to say). You won’t find that in this FREE iPhone and iPad game, but you will find a very well made version of Temple Run, with some nice additional game concept. This game currently features 5 environments with all the same movements in Temple Run, such as turning to collect coins with the accelerometer, swipe up to jump, swipe left/right to turn, and swipe down to slide. There are additional game concepts different from Temple Run like running over logs and sliding down cliffs — the accelerometer is used for these areas.

ipad video app reviewsipad video app reviews

Just like in Temple Run, the power-ups are basically identical, as are the options to be additional “Bear” characters and un-lockable wallpapers. I love this game. Best part is that it keeps the FREE price tag like the original Temple Run, but the coin system is a little less rewarding. The turns took a bit of getting used to because the movements are very deliberate, almost as if you forgot to turn, but at the last second the character executes each turn — as long as you swipe in time. Some cool features are charging animal herds to jump over, jetpacks to use, as well as a paraglide jump start and helicopter rescue similar to the wings in Temple Run. I am not sure, but this game is sooooo very close to Temple Run, part of me feels Imangi Studios sold F84 Games the rights to use the original game in their design. Survival Run with Bear Grylls is a great grab for Temple Run folks, even in lieu of Temple Run: Brave, as Temple Run: Brave costs $0.99, and Survival Run with Bear Grylls stays true to the original Temple Run title and the price — zero, nothing, nada, zip. Be sure to watch the iPad video app review for a look at how this iPad game plays.

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Survival Run with Bear Grylls iPad App Download

Title: Survival Run with Bear Grylls
Cost: Free
Size:30.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: F84 Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Survival Run with Bear Grylls iPad App Download

Survival Run with Bear Grylls - F84 Games

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Survival Run with Bear Grylls iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

Sometimes you have to RUN… to Survive! Survival Run with Bear Grylls is the latest game from indie studio F84 Games. As Bear Grylls you will run for your life from the world’s most relentless grizzly bear. Traverse various environments and earn coins as you test your nerve. In Survival Run, there is a hazard lurking around every corner!

★ Simple controls and an exciting game play mechanic.
★ Play as your favorite survival expert, Bear Grylls.
★ Unlock 7 awesome Bear Grylls characters.
★ Rescue Choppers, Power Paragliders, Jetpacks and more!
★ High quality 3D graphics.
★ Game Center support for the spirit of competition.
★ Survival Tracker leveling system ensures that every meter counts! No more wasted runs!

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