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Swoop & Poop – Unique, Bird-Pooping Action Game!

Swoop & Poop (by Big Time Games) is a humorous and stupid-silly (iOS Universal) Games app where you play as 1 of 3 rebellious birds turning collected fruit and donuts into super poop ammunition used to defend your Australian park home from the pesky workman in the process of destroying it. This iPad and iPhone action game has unique game controls, excellent graphics and a most noble mission — swoop and drop nasty bird poop on the workman (peeps) ruining your bird habitat. There are 3 different feathered creatures that you can play as: Cookie, Squark, and Rebel — each has his own good quality, and all can be upgraded using stars earned from completing level mission objectives. The things that can be upgraded in each bird are Flight and Poo — very appropriate. The game controls for this game are different than any that I’ve played when using the Touch control, which appears as a blue button on the bottom left with a wing on it. You use this one button to fly your bird of choice in any direction: up, down, dive-bombing and turning — depending on how you tap and how long you hold down on it.

For me, this was a bit weird at first, but after 4 or 5 levels I felt as if I could fly in the bird Olympics, well maybe not, but I had that “aha” flying moment where I got it and began to soar. The deadliest button in this game is on the bottom right, this is your bird poop button. The large button is used for the two types of poo: the standard run-of-the-mill chunky-textured poop that we have all seen (hopefully not on your car), that you’ll drop on “Peeps” (short for people) in this game to get rid of them, make them laugh, trip them, knock their hats, and blow up their construction machinery. The normal bird poop regenerates based your bird and upgrades, but the real powerful bird poop is the super poop that you get from eating cherries, donuts, bananas, and watermelons. As the game plays through the numerous levels, you’ll be assigned several mission objectives to complete for each level that will earn you stars — and must be completed to unlock the next level. There is an added difficulty to each level which is landing your bird just right after you complete a level, by aiming for the circle, which gets maximum points. If you crash land, you will have to replay the level. Also, there are objects that your bird cannot fly into — but, I will let you figure those out on your own.


Swoop & Poop is a really fun game that I found to be rather challenging as I played farther and farther. I almost felt like the game was too challenging for the average player, but I can say that I did not get bored, even when I was struggling. I just had to figure out the correct flight path, speed, and timing to poop my way over the Peeps to take them out. These Australian game developers have done a great job with very well done graphics and a unique game engine that makes bird-pooping on people a lot of silly fun. But, to take it up a notch I offer a few tips like: let’s see some burrito snacks with hot sauce on them that when dropped on the Peeps lights them on fire or meatloaf snacks that drop on the Peeps like concrete blocks crushing them flat. This fun action game has a lot of creative options to take this game in many directions. Swoop & Poop works on both the iPhone and iPad and is very reasonably priced at only $0.99 for this unique action game. Be sure to watch the Swoop & Poop iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPad and iPhone Games application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Swoop & Poop iPad App Details

Title: Swoop & Poop
Price: $0.99
Size: 59.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Big Time Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Swoop & Poop iPad App Download Link

Swoop & Poop - Big Time Games

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Swoop & Poop iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

★ #1 ACTION GAME for IPAD in Australia ★
★ TOP TEN PAID IPAD APP in Australia ★
★ Currently Featured in New & Noteworthy in Australia ★

Swoop & Poop: the number 1 Bird Game in the southern hemisphere!

Drop all kinds of poops from on high while you fly, collect snacks to make your poop super and more destructive!

The birds have been disturbed and they are more than angry! Take control of Cookie, Squark and Rebel as you take to the skies to rid the forrest of the highly destructive Peeps. As they dig up your beloved parkland you’re in danger of losing your home forever, it’s time to take action and revenge which is best served with an extra helping of Super Poop!

In this episode you fly around the gorgeous forests and parks of Sydney Australia as you wreak havoc on the Peeps construction sites…

A fantastic One Button Flying Game. Fly in any direction with just one button. Take your Birds through mission after mission and learn how to skilfully land them on a variety of runways, some in hard to reach places!

A completely new way to fly with one button – tap to flap – hold to loop the loop and turn around!

Fiercely puzzling possibilities on some levels, get all the stars to get the cherished perfect stars – use your stars to upgrade your flying control and super pooper to maximum efficiency!

A very challenging game with a great variety of levels and missions for the beginner and experienced player alike.
Crazy Pooping action.

Poop on Peeps, Scooters, Trucks, Lorries, Bulldozers and even Helicopters!!!

Gather up Donuts, Cherries, Bananas and Melons and turn the into devastating Super Poops.

Cherries create “Mega Splatter Poops”
Donuts create “Bouncing Bomber Poops”
Bananas create “Trip Mine Poops”
Melons create “Heavy Duty Dirty Bombs”

Combine the snacks to create Combo Super Poops.
The more you combine the bigger the Pooping action!

Combine Donuts with Cherries for a bunch of bouncing Poops
Combine Melons and Bananas for Super Explosive Trip Mines.
Combine all of the above to create a Poop of Mass Destruction that will Splatter, Bounce, Drop Trip Mines and become a real Super Pooper!

Specially made for the new iPad with crisp clean truly beautiful HD retina resolution graphics.

* Works on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th gen), and iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad. *

***Is not suitable to run on IPhone 3GS or previous model and IPod Touch 3rd Gen or previous model and will appear constantly zoomed in on these devices**

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