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The Firefox Sync – Visit your Firefox Browser’s bookmark, history, and tab iOS universal application, by, allows you to take your Firefox settings off your computer and with you on your iPhone or iPad. Once the app is downloaded you, will need to add the Apollo Firefox add-on — that takes just a few minutes. When you have done so, you will need to sync this application with your Firefox settings through a Google account, but this is quick and easy, and the results are well worth the 5 to 10 minutes of setup time spent. When done with that, you will have your Firefox tabs, bookmarks, and history on your iPad or iPhone (each device will have to be setup separately). I run about 20 tabs open at all times on my browser — due to my web activities. This app allows me to take all of my open tabs on my computer with me mobile on my iPad, say to lunch or a quick meeting where taking my laptop would be impractical. I can still keep my eye on all my important sites while away from my laptop, which is really convenient. The developers recommend using their Apollo Browser or another compatible browser on your iPhone or iPad while using this awesome, FREE, utility application. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.

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Firefox Sync – Visit your Firefox Browser’s bookmark, history and tab iPad App Details

Title: Firefox Sync – Visit your Firefox Browser’s bookmark, history and tab
Cost: FREE
Category: Utilities
Size: 5.2 MB
Store: iTunes App Store

Firefox Sync – Visit your Firefox Browser’s bookmark, history and tab iPad App Download

Firefox Sync - Visit your Firefox Browser's bookmark, history and tab -

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Firefox Sync – Visit your Firefox Browser’s bookmark, history and tab iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal
Firefox Sync is the ultimate companion app for your desktop Firefox browser. Visit your Firefox’s bookmarks , history , and open tabs!

With Firefox Sync, you can leave your computer at any time, pick your iPhone or iPad, fire this app up , and continue browsing. You can choose your favourite browser ,like Apollo , Atomic or iCab to be default browser.

We’re very serious about data safety, so we do not store any of your data on our server, instead we creatively use your own Google doc account to store data.

Firefox Sync could work alone, but it works best with our Apollo Browser.Opening Firefox bookmark/history/open tabs in Apollo is much more convenient. Apollo is the first iPad/iPhone browser with Facebook Chat, Chrome/Firefox sync,downloader and adblock.

And by installing Apollo Browser, you would remove any ad in Firefox Sync! No need to pay for anything! Just search Apollo Browser in app store and download!

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